Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stuff from the last 3 weeks Summary

(Now, this is really stuff you don't want to know... I just have to include it for the Blog Book.)

I haven't done a summary in a few weeks and a summary is where you write about all the stuff you don't write about it a post, but know you shouldn't forget. So here goes:

Grandpa visit
My dad came up for Gabe's baptism a few days early and we got to show him how fun Spokane is in the summer. We did the usual stuff: Riverfront park, Coeur d'Alene hike, Gooeys, Manito Park. He is always so fun to have around; easy, involved, a great grandpa. He didn't even mind when we made him hang out at the Romney reunion for 1/2 a day.

Boys' birthdays

Also, included the usual. Gabe: crepes for breakfast, homemade mac and cheese for dinner, playing with the Daines, and lots of presents. Seth: ebleskivers for breakfast (the kids told him to), a bike and the car backpack he kept telling us he was getting for "pweschool in two days."

Emma's glasses

See these glasses:

We got them in January. The sides have broken off 4 times in the last 8 months. Ryan and the receptionist at the eye doctor have gotten in a few "lively discussions" regarding the quality of the glasses vs. Emma's care of them:

Receptionist: Oh, they are breaking because she's taking them off with one hand.

Ryan: That's how everyone takes their glasses off.

Receptionist: Oh no, we teach our children to take them off with two hands. You have no idea how much pressure taking them off with one hand has on the glasses.

Ryan: Actually, I do as I am an engineer.

Receptionist: Oh really? Since you are an engineer you could design a pair of glasses to withstand that pressure!

Despite the receptionist witty remarks and valiant efforts to keep us from getting new glasses, the optometrist replaced the whole frame and we're hoping for less tape around edges of Emma's eyes in the future.

Cute Seth stuff:

1. Seth started preschool (a co-op we are doing with 5 other moms/3 year olds). You can tell he's the 4th child because I didn't even manage to put shoes on him for his first day of "school". Notice the cherished car backpack.

2. Jane moped around all morning because "I miss Seth. He's really my friend the most." And it's true. One day this week, I kept track. They played together happily and alone(mostly with these:) for a total of 5 hours. So so cute.

3. Cute sayings/persistency:

  • If he asks if he can do something that I usually say "No" to (extra TV, snack, putting his swimsuit on for no reason), and I actually say "Yes", he's so surprised that he has to double-check: "You say yes, Mom? You did-ent say No? You say "yes" I can have mo snack? You did-ent say No?"
  • ANYTHING anyone says "No" gets this follow-up question: "Lade-oh (later)?" And you have to confirm or deny, because he will keep saying "Lade-oh, mom, lade-oh?" until you do.
  • Last week he kept asking for something and I couldn't hear him because there was music and yelling kids and the dishwasher and finally I said, "What?!" And he said, "Mom. You can't say what. You can say "Yes" or you can say, "Lade-oh. You can't say "what". It's so nice to have guidelines.

Gabe's dental work:

Procedure #1: after chewing on the skin being pushed up by incoming molars so violently that he couldn't eat (or brush--can you say HIDEOUS breath), we took him to the dentist where they cleaned up the crud behind the skin, cauterized the nerves and pulled a tooth (something they were going to do anyway).

Procedure #2: One week later, Gabe had 2 more canines pulled, a crown put in and nerve surgery. He got to stay home from school for half a day for that one.

My kids have AWESOME teeth.

And on that cheery and oh-so-informative note, I think I will put you all out of your misery. I promise, no more summaries for a while!


Annie said...

I know I probably already told you this but I am so with you on the teeth thing. Greg swears he should have asked for a dental dowry from my parents when we got married since he's convinced the bad teeth gene came from that side of the family.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...


on the glasses - I also remove mine with one hand - like everyone else... but I grab the frame and not the arms.... (thumb under the eye, forefinger above) see if you can get her to give that a try :)

♥Shally said...

Okay, our husbands are VERY alike EXCEPT for in this instance.

Zach avoids all "lively discussions". He is so non- controversial it sometimes makes me mad. :)

I am the one who has to have the discussions...

Christie said...

Oh, my goodness, do we love aebleskevers around here. Even if I can't spell that word to save my life.

Bekah said...

Cute children as always! Everything sounds fun and funny! I want to come see you guys!

Bridget said...

Sundays after church is our ebleskiver tradition.

Way to go Ryan for confronting the receptionist about the glasses. That engineering background comes in handy for those wisecrack remarks.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved reading all of this. No misery here, whatsoever.

I love that Seth and Jane are such good friends. I love all of his cute sayings, too.

Our Adam has only had glasses for 2 months he already looks like he wore them in some kind of a street fight, they are so crooked. Great job to Ryan for his lively discussions with the wise acre receptionsist.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

looks like you guys have been busy with some fun!

Meghann said...

Seth is hilarious. I loved it when he asked me on Monday, with his eye brows furrowed, "Are you okay?" What a sweetie.

Today Owen said, "Mom, did you know that Seth's Dad thinks squirt is lemonade? That's silly huh?" Thought Ryan might appreciate that. Tell him to get his soda facts straight.

Brigitta said...

I love the lively discusion with the receptionist, your husband is awesome. could you come over and make me some ebelskevers????

Kenny and Linsey said...

Silly receptionist thinking she could convince Super Dad, Engineer Ryan that she was right and he was wrong. I have broken/lost more pairs of glasses than I care to admit. And, I used to think I had bad teeth, but Gabe is giving me a run for my money!

Lorena said...

That's it! We'll let you have this baby (loved that post, BTW) and then we're planning a trip up there! That's quite the drive, isn't it? Maybe we'll detour in SLC.

bloggingchristy said...

Seth is so funny!! I love the stuff that 2 year olds say!!

Laurie said...

Here's my advice for glasses.

Find a National Vision Center (mine is located in Walmart, but not every Walmart because they are independent contractors--mine is ALL the way across town).

Purchase the 1 or 2 year warranty ($15 or $20--I like the 2 year, because they always break right after the 1 year is up, plus they update your Rx if it changes and you don't need new frames). It is worth it's weight in gold. They replace the lens or frames whenever you need them--NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Gabe has gone through like 4 frames and 6 lens sets in a year (dog ate glasses, big red truck ran over glasses, he twisted them in a fit of rage, you name it).

This is the only way we could afford to keep up with his glasses (we always get two pair)--which he absolutely HAS to wear (he's almost legally blind without in one eye, and must patch 3 hours a day, and then would have no depth perception whatsoever). Plus they have pretty cute styles for affordable prices.

And while I totally admire Ryan's gumption with the receptionist, I recommend this approach.

Hazen5 said...

We don't have the best teeth in our family either! I love reading your family summaries!

Jenibelle said...

I can't get over how cute you look in the "i'm gonna pop" picture. You look mahhhhhvelous!!

Teeth, a subject near and dear to my heart and checkbook.

I will leave a better comment lade-oh.

queenieweenie said...

This is EXACTLY what we want to know...'cause we're going through it too. It makes us feel not so alone.

I love the optometrist story. Why is it that their receptionists are always a bit snarky?