Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5 kids at Halloween=Major Busy

(Halloween just gets more involved and crazier every year.  But I kind of like it, because, unlike Christmas, I’m not feeling like I should be having this major spiritual experience for my family.  In December, I resent the crazy.  In October, I think it’s fun to just enjoy the silliness of costumes, parties, candy, decorations, etc.)

Here’s the total for the month:

5 pumpkins carved (3 at 6:00 am this morning while I was running.  Thanks, Ryan!)



8 Halloween parties attended (1 birthday, 2 school, 1 church, 1 work, 1 neighborhood,1 mom’s luncheon, 1 adult dance party!)



1 Darth Vader costume for Ryan, made from a Gabe’s size 8 cast-off costume.


3 different costumes on Jessica (1 wonder twin, 1 witch, 1 Jaclyn Smith/Charlies Angels)

5 childrens’ costumes (1 crayon, 1 Tom Brady, 1 Cleopatra, 1 Frankenstein and 1 butterfly)






2 plates of treats on our doorstep via the Boo Ghost

4 dishes prepared for the annual Halloween dinner (dinner in a pumpkin, glazed carrots, orange jello, breadstick bones and blood)


1,004,640 sugar grams consumed

7 family members exhausted but content after a month of family fun!


Linsey said...

Phew! But, fabulous!

Rochelleht said...

Oh my gosh, your dinner exhausts me just to look at it. We barely got pre-prepared lasagna and garlic bread cooked and eaten before rushing out to Trunk or Treat. Crazy crazy night. Your kids look darling, as usual!!

mandy* said...

Butterfly Faith looks adorable. And just reading this post made me tired! I swear you and Ryan have super powers.

jessica said...

I can't even bring myself to blog about it yet! We did rock the angel's costume didn't we!

Lauren in GA said...

I know I always say this...so you may not believe me...but YOU. LOOK. GORGEOUS. as the Jaclyn Smith/Charlies Angel. So does Jessica A. and your other friend. You ladies look like so much fun.

I am in LOVE with the Frankenstein costume. I may have to e-mail you for ideas next year. It looks fantastic...and Seth knows how to pose, too! Awesome how he got his eyeballs to roll completely up into his head. I love that kid.

Everyone looks great. Emma is so grown up. I think I say that a lot, too.

Ryan is awesome. Way to take on the carving.

Brooke Romney said...

Looks like a success and I loved reading your post about having another. It's so hard to say, "done." Not sure you ever really feel that way if you enjoy mothering. Struggling with that already and my baby is only 5 weeks!

cosmos cami said...

You are TOTALLY rocking Jaclyn Smith! Who knew!

-Cami Strgham

Elizabeth said...

I love the Charlies Angels look. You girls look Fab.
Well done for having a busy but fun time. I bet the kids loved it all.

G and G Nut said...

What a fun Halloween family you are! Love all the costumes. Very cute!
Love you all. See you soon!

Meridith said...

Your Halloween dinner is so cute. One of these Halloweens I'm going to try to make a festive dinner. So fun!!

Adrianne said...

I'm disappointed Ryan didn't wear the boys size 8 costume pants. HE would have really rocked the party, I'm sure.

Did the adults really dance at the dance party?