Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who drives to Texas? Part 1

So Ryan's family is having a reunion in Texas for Thanksgiving. And we are driving there. Because we want to.

Yesterday was Day 1. We left at 4:00 am and the roads were nasty (due to the fact that the first major snowstorm of the year happened the day before). We made it through okay and drove through it all the way through the entire state of Montana. It's a long state.

We tried to stop at Big Hole battlefield (outside of Billings, MT) but the rangers there were NOT interested in doing anything with any visitors 30 minutes before closing time. Lame. Here's our picture in front of the battlefield:

And in the visitors center, where these lucky kids had their history major mom give them all the details of native American/US government relations and the ensuing battle at Big Hole (somebody had to...)

We rolled into Rapid City, SD after 16 hours in the lovely blue van. We dealt with the last excruciating hour by having Ryan tell us HILARIOUS stories about his siblings.

In going back and re-reading what I've written, I realize that the day sounds miserable. Guess what? It wasn't. It was great. Good kids, pumped up parents, lots of activities and a fun destination= awesome.

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Elizabeth said...

Good luck for the rest of your trip. I cant wait to hear about Texas!

katie said...

You guys are awesome. I love road trips...but never done one quite that far!

Lauren in GA said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I am glad you are having a good time. We leave for our trip on Friday. I know...who leaves to visit family the day AFTER Thanksgiving?

I wasn't a history major but I love all things with historic signifigance. I seriously need to go on a road trip with you. I think we would get along famously.

It never ceases to amaze me how you and I live in the same country but experience SUCH different weather. It was 80 degrees last week and I was whining that it didn't feel like fall.

Rochelleht said...

I drive to and from Texas ALL the TIME! ;-) Yeah for you guys. Too bad we'll be driving away from Texas for Thanksgiving and won't be here to welcome you. Nauvoo, here we come!

jessica said...

I think of the people passing by that blue van who have know idea what is going on in there...cracks me up! Tell Seth I missed my Sacrament Meeting hugs and man handling...the next two weeks will be equally sad ;(

Alisa said...

Brave mom! Sounds like it went pretty well though. Good luck!

Christie said...

We love road trips. I totally feel you. Have a great holiday!