Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who drives to Texas? Part 3

No driving yesterday! We stopped at my friend Carie's house and just had the best day...until we had to take Seth to the emergency room. But I'll get to that.

After a lovely run with Carie, we headed to Liberty Jail, a place with historical and spiritual significance for our church. It was neat to be there:

We stopped for lunch at Panera. (Don't have one in Spokane and holy cow! We stopped there AGAIN today for lunch.)

We headed to downtown Kansas City and went to Kaleidoscope (a Hallmark owned children's art museum). We had so much (free!) fun:

Gabe using their wall kaleidoscope maker:

Lots of art to make:

The adults dropped kids at home and left for dinner at Jack Stack (cuh-razy good barbecue) and the famous chocolate bag for dessert (picture on my regular camera--but that thing was a. A work of art and b. so so so yummy).

We got home to news that Seth had jumped off a ledge and hurt his arm. We weren't too concerned till we heard him whimpering at 12:30 in the morning. One middle-of-the-night ER run later, the radiologist confirmed it was a bad sprain. Phew. We tend towards broken arms around here and we were scared. Ryan reports MAJOR charming of the nurses on Seth's part:

He is now complaining, as we drive to Oklahoma, that is itches. I hope it itches so much he NEVER jumps from at 5 foot ledge again.

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Anisa said...

I would like to know about your " extensive car trip activity preparation." I have been wanting to take a few road trips but I have been scared to death of how to entertain my kids in the car for very long. Can't wait for that blog post.

Your trip looks like fun!!!

Jake said...

I hope you let your kids know they are descendants of Caleb Baldwin who spent six months in Liberty Jail.

Jeanelle said...

On not another broken bone! Dang it. But yeah Panera? Love it so much. Broccoli cheddar soup is pure bliss. Glad you're having fun. I love a road trip!

Lauren in GA said...

Sorry about the sprain. 5 foot ledges are just too tempting.

Glad you got to experience Panera. We have one here...I can blow up the air mattress for you and leave the porch light on if you want. ☺

I love that you are seeing all of these great sights. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Adrianne said...

I am trying to be interested in the rest of your trip, but really am SO FREAKING EXCITED that a stop at my house is included I can't think of anything else. I look forward to you convincing Mario that road trips are a good thing and we should take more of them, rather than avoid them for the next 15 years, which is his current plan. Um, have I mentioned how excited I am??

(and the other stuff does look cool)