Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who drives to Texas? Part 4

These are the pictures from yesterday:

Our second stop at Panera. The soup! The bread! The Mac and Cheese! The pastries! (note the soft cast/sling on our boy....ugh.)

Panera was in Joplin, Missouri, where a huge tornado hit. We asked a lady at panera where we could go to see the major damage and she said "go down to main street. It's decimated. That's where my house was." :(

It was crazy and a sobering experience for our family to see the destruction.

This is the next picture:

Lots of cousin love! We ended up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at Ryan's sister's house. I LOVE hearing the sounds of cousins playing and laughing. We talked our faces off with Brooke and Spencer. Yay for hanging out with far-off family!

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Lauren in GA said...

Yay for cousins and yay for talking your faces off!

So sad abut the tornado in Joplin. Unreal all of the destruction.

Not to brag, but uh, we have Panera and The Atlanta Bread Company (same type of fare). I will fluff your pillows when you get here.

Camden said...

What part of Texas? I should have checked your blog earlier! I hope you had Thanksgiving in the Northern part of the state as any further than Dallas would be another day's drive. WE are the types of people who drive to Texas, BTW. And to Washington, which is what my husband is doing as we speak. Too bad I didn't check earlier, if you were anywhere near Dallas I would have popped in to meet you--I make a mean apple pie. Maybe when we move to Washington in January I'll bump in to you somewhere!

Alisa said...

Love Panera! I could eat there everyday. Have you tried their breakfast sandwiches? So yummy. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Drive safe!

Heidiram said...

Wow. Cousin love AND Panera. Does it get any better than that?

jessica said...

Seriously...Seth and the arm! I think I may have a matching injury, I'll find out tomorrow:) And Panera...oh Panera...I'm not a foodie but I love that place...Sure miss you guys. I went into your house today and the stillness was a little freaky!