Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing Faith

(I’m more than a little blubbery today at this birthday. Why is it so dang hard to have your last get older?)

Faith is two today. 


This means I will no longer tell her age in months. 

It also means that she talks like a big girl; just now: “Hey mom!  I jumping.  Whoa!  I fall, too, mom!”

It means that rather than ME managing her frustration and tantrums, SHE’S beginning to manage them.

Wedding 269

It means she asks to go visit friends’ house.  “I go Bea’s house a-day, Mom?”

It means she still takes a nice long nap in the middle of the day and continues to be the best sleeper I’ve ever had.

It means we are noticing a definite lisp when she says words with an S, and we loved it.

It means her hair is growing in, again!!
Christmas Faith 1

It means she sings “5 Little Pumpkins”, as cutely as possible.

It means she is fully occupied by an hour of Sesame Street.

It means that she is getting slightly easier in church, though she is a wiry, squirrely little animal the whole time.

It means she loves to go for walks, read books (and will sit completely still for a way-over-her-head big kid picture book), build towers, cah-yer (color), play with her completely loving siblings.

Picture 005

It means that she really, really likes to pick out her clothes.  (grr.)

It means she eats like a 17 year old boy.  Seriously.  She’s got the 95 percentile height chart to show her it.

It means that our home is filled with giggles, cries of “Now! Mom!”, shrieks, fun, unbelievable cuteness, and lots more love than it would be if it wasn’t filled with




Tristan said...

Happy Birthday Faith!! Wow it has already been 2 years!?! She is so beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Faith! Great birthday tribute Mum.

Bekah said...

Happy Birthday my favorite Faith!! I can't believe how big, adorable, smart, fun, silly, and sweet she is! Please give her hugs and kisses from her Aunt Bekah! I love her!

Jeanelle said...

Such a lovely post...and that last picture is seriously darling.

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Faith! Those are all such cute pics of her. I didn't realize what an eater she was.

Abbie said...

Best day to have a birthday ever ever!

Happy Birthday sweet baby Faith!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday to such a darling girl!

Cami said...

A beautiful post.
That last photo is enchanting.

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwww, Happy, Happy, Birthday to your beautiful Faith.

I remember that picture of her from last Christmas. She is such a beautiful child.

The talking in sentences always gets me, too. They really do grow up so, so, fast.

I love how you included all of the adorable things she says.

Rochelleht said...

She is SO SO cute, Jessica. I mean, wow!

Christie said...

I can't believe she's two. Didn't you just have her?

G and G Nut said...

Love you, Little Girl. Glad your day was fun, fun, fun!

queenieweenie said...

I remember my husband finding me bawling in the laundry room because I just realized I would never again fold clothes with "month" sizes in them!

Happy Birthday to one cutie patootie!!!

♥Shally said...

Why, oh WHY do they have to grow up!!!

She is seriously adorable...

the wrath of khandrea said...

there is no way two years have passed. wowza.

she gets cuter by the day.

Shopper Gal said...

She is just a punkin, absolutely adorable!! I remember seeing your preggers in our weights class with her...2 years have gone by already?? Such great photos of lil' Faith!

Linsey said...

The last picture is just deliciously adorable.