Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brother #3


smart.  He’s truly brilliant.  Sometimes it’s a little dizzying listening to that mind work!       

Serious.  He’s so dedicated to his goals—not so much for goofing around these days.

Sweet.  The guy would never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.


Active in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Try to find someone more diligent in serving the Lord.

Attractive.  Uh, yeah.  Just look at him.

Articulate.  He’s always up for a nice, long chat.

Sam & Seth

Married.  Just recently, in fact.  We really, REALLY like her.

Modest.  He’s a really humble guy.

Metamorphosis.  It’s amazing to see the changes he’s made and continues to make.  Anyone

who knew him when can attest to this fact.  We should all be so malleable.

Wedding 181

I love you, Sam!  Ryan loves you.  The kids love you.

 We hope you have a great birthday.  Can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving!


Shopper Gal said...

You are such a great sister! This was a wonderful post to your brother :)

Lauren in GA said...

Such a lovely tribute post, Jessica.

I love seeing pictures of you from the past. Especially your sweet 16 one!

Happy Birthday, Sam! You sound like a fabulous person. I totally trust Jessica's opinion!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday to a very fun, cool guy! What a great tribute!!

Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Sam! We love you and think you are the coolest!

Brooke Romney said...

So sweet and LOVED the pictures of you!

Adrianne said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! I knew him "when" and am so glad all that energy, intelligence and spirit got channeled in the right direction!

Tammy said...

Sam rocks, its so funny to see him as an adult, because I remember the wild child from the old days! That was a sweet birthday posting.