Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Quote

When Seth broke his arm a few months ago, our awesome cousins were out of town.  So thoughtful (as ALWAYS), Aunt Heather wanted to tell Seth they were thinking about him and sent this:

Picture 173

When Emma saw it, she had this to say:  "Geez. I need to go break my arm or something!"

Emma, if it’s between in a $1000 broken arm or a $40 cookie bouquet…I’ll buy you the bouquet!


Tristan said...

Yes, just buy her the cookie bouquet! ha ha! That is too funny!

Cami said...

Return of the Quick Quote! Hurray!

Lauren in GA said...

Yeah, the cookie bouquet is much more cost effective...and delicious.

Shopper Gal said...

For realsies, I'll chip in on that $40 cookie bouquet anyday!! :)