Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The I in the Back of my Head

iPhone pictures by my kids are some of the funniest things ever. 

To me.  (Probably not to you.) 

I just love the spontaneous story they tell.  It’s like this little insight into where/what your kids are when you aren’t around, posing them or orchestrating their environment. 

Here are two sequences I’ve found lately, and I’ve tried to imagine just what is going on in the Picture-Taker’s head:

(First, Seth…)


“I love when mom leaves me her phone when she drops something off.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of my foot.”


“And another…”


“How about a new angle?”


“Hi Faith!”


“No.  You can’t have the phone.  Here…how about we take a picture of YOUR feet?!”


“See.  So fun, right?!”


“Hey don’t be so mad, Faithy!  You don’t want me to take a picture?”


“I can’t take a picture if you’re covering your feet up like that.”



“Dang it.”



Now, Jane…


“Hey, wait.  I’ll take a picture while you drive that mini-bike off of the sidewalk.”


“Oh, that is so hilarious.  Let me have a turn!”




“Now, you again!”


“Now, me!”


“Now, you!”


“Me again!”


“This is getting a little crazy.  Maybe we should be done.”


Who knows what they were thinking, but I like to try.  See?  Sometimes being a mom is fun!


Lauren in GA said...

I really love the one with Jane careening toward the camera. You are right, it really is funny how it captures life without being orchestrated. I mean, I don't know if the driving of the mini-bike off of the sidewalk would be anything I would have set up for a photo shoot.

I like Faith's shoes and hair bow. Please thank Seth for highlighting those in his photo shoot. I also love the one of you wanting the camera back. Dang it, indeed.

Lauren in GA said...

Hot diggity dog! I was the first comment!!

Why does that still thrill me? I need help.

Christie said...

That is hilarious! My favorite pic is you reaching back for the phone. Priceless.

Annemarie said...

I love, love, love these pics. I love it when I find random pics on my camera, too. It reminds me of the closing credits in Rainman. The pics look like nothing yet say sooo much!

♥Shally said...

Okay, I loved this.

So funny!

Your commentary made me laugh out loud. :)

Elizabeth said...

This is parenting comedy gold ! I love the shoes pics... very artistic.

Tristan said...

Love the pic of you reaching back for the phone!

Gabi said...

Brad always wants to know why my phone is constantly smeared with fingerprints or foodchunks. It's because Mom's iPhone becomes the family iPhone. I will show him this post to prove it.

Brooke Romney said...


Shopper Gal said...

I love that the kids snag the camera... I generally lose my phone to my kids and Lukey takes the most interesting photos! Love the one of Jane running towards the camera!

Linsey said...

Smiling from ear to ear...thanks.