Friday, November 12, 2010

October Recap

(This is one of those mornings when someone has been crying in my ear since they started waking up.  You know those mornings?  We’ll see if I can be fun in the midst of the insanity-inducing-constant-stream-of-tears…)

Our neighbors across the street have been holding the annual Halloween party for 4 years now.  I realized it was a big deal when Seth told me “Only 4 more days till the party!!!  I’m so excited!!!”  I corrected him by saying, “oh, hon.  Halloween isn’t for 11 more days!”  He looked at me like I was dumb: “MOM.  Not Halloween!  The Liaboe’s party!  Duh!”  There was the usual carving, food, tons of kids and bobbing for apples.  (I L.O.V.E when I don’t have to initiate the carving or the apple bobbing.)

Gabe wanted to make breakfast.  This is what he did completely on his own…Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread.  Please tell me that takes care of some Webelos requirement?

Picture 027

Matching dresses for the Primary Program.  Too bad the mini-dress wasn’t featured on the stand.  The Primary program went well…especially considering I was the pianist and hadn’t played in front of an audience for more than 2 minutes since I was 16.  

Picture 029

This is where Poor Seth has to go if he doesn’t want Faith to mess up his puzzles.  You learn a lot of flexibility when you have this many siblings, I think.

Picture 034

Here’s Emma’s “fun” school project.  Can you tell that the only extra help she got was from her 10 year old cousin?  Whatever.  She got an “A” on her Golf Course Themed Map.  The most notable story from this project was that she made the Rice Krispie Treat Frosted base on Saturday, didn’t turn it in for 10 days (it was left in the fridge while she procrastinated the labeling part) and the 6th graders STILL ATE THE ENTIRE THING!  So gross.


Another Halloween tradition that I didn’t have to set up or clean up.  Ryan’s family always made Spider Cookies and while I was gone one day, he had the kids take part.  You know how you know I wasn’t a part of it?  Look closely.  The Spiders have no black frosting.  That’s because Ryan realized we were only had 1/2 c. of powdered sugar and so ended up with a 1/2 c. of frosting.  Certain more anal baker/traditioners would have begged some from the neighbors or run to the store.  Not Ryan.  And of course the kids could have cared less.  Bonus:  I didn’t want to eat the frosting-less insects.  That’s good, right?

spidercookies1 spidercookies2


Gabe and Jane were part of the “Staff Shootout”, a fundraiser where the teachers “play” basketball against the students.  It was a packed, crazy night and the kids were each part of the half time show.  I LOVE watching them mingle with their friends, sans parental dampening.


An easy and successful FHE:  have your kid check out a book on how to make paper airplanes and make some.  Have a few races.  Send the kids to bed.


Spokane is truly a fabulous place to live…except the weather’s kind of annoying.  After a ridiculous short summer, we were blessed with a long mild fall.  I can kind of enjoy fall when it’s 60 degrees for 6 weeks and we live in an insanely tree-filled town.


The problem with fall, for me, is that inevitably leads to gray gray and more gray as we head towards winter.  That’s what it’s like today.  So I have gray skies and weepy kids.  My only remedy?  Wrap up this post and go shopping.  The flourescent lights of Target and the free cookies from Fred Meyer should solve everyone’s woes, right?


Jenna said...

I love your October recap - and Target does make everything better.

Linsey said...

Everything past the part where the 6th graders ate the 10-day old map is a blur. Kids are so gross. Great recap!

Jeanelle said...

Since my weather here is basically the same as yours, I'm with you on that one. I'm getting more intolerant of the grayness as I age, I think. But today the sun is shining here so maybe you'll get lucky tomorrow. Love the twin dresses and Gabe's breakfast looked delish.

Rochelleht said...

Target is always the answer, my friend. Always. I believe it got a mention in my blog post today, too. Target solves the world's problems.

Elizabeth said...

We have very mild winters here ( I would go insane or put on 50KG if I had to live through your winters) but our Target is craptastic compared to yours. I have no idea why we cant have it all good all the time ;-) Hope your shopping trip was fun.

Brooke said...

come to Oklahoma, we're supposed to have great winters and I would love to see you all too!

Adrianne said...

I congratulate you on not controlling Emma's map project or Ryan's cookie tradition. That is serious self control, and look at the stress relief it brought you! I should try butting out.

G and G Nut said...

That was a very fun post!!!
Love you all, miss you all,

jessica said...

You rocked the Primary Program. I was nervous for you.

Lauren in GA said...

Great job on the Primary program! I am sure you played beautifully.

Emma's itty bitty pumpkin is totally impressive. I guess you would have to carefully carve one that size.

Gabe is a smart man. The trampoline to do a puzzle idea is really, really wise.

The fact that Emma's project was completely devoured is kind of funny...and disturbing ;)

You are a great example. I think I may have to try doing monthly updates.

Shopper Gal said...

JR- loving your October recap. Your neighborhood party looks like oodles of fun! Who doesn't love Target? Free cookies, I must check that out. Luke said to me yesterday, "Mom, can you buy me a milkshake?" Me: Um it's 2 in the afternoon, why? Luke: "Because you love me". That kid is a playa!!