Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things #1

(This is really helpful if you want to enjoy your kids more.  Looking for the positive, guess what?, makes you feel more positive!)

Here are some things I noticed/appreciate about my kids:

--Jane so cheerful when she comes home from school

--all of them are so willing and happy to go to church each SundayRomney Kids 2

--they all listen and contribute in church, Family Home Evening lessons, and scripture study

--Faith's awesome little voice

--G's early birdness (sometimes it’s annoying, but I can certainly appreciate a person who wants to get up and get going on his day!)

--S cheerfully doing his deep cleaning jobs. He's coming around!

Awesome Seth

--I know I can count on E to do a thorough cleaning job…so she gets the ones I know guests/visitors will see!

--how much G loves the snow.  He’s been out hours every day…even in 10 degree weather.

Gabe Sledding 2

--last week, when it was 10 degrees, on the way to swimming I asked Gabe, sarcastically, “I bet getting in a pool sounds lovely right now.”  He looked at me and said “Really, Mom, it does!”

--that Emma wants to sing in choir.  This is good bonding time for us.

--that S picked up something that wasn't his!

--that Faith looks like this

Faith (8)
--that Jane was the first to memorize the first line of memorization project: The Living Christ

--that Gabe tried really hard to follow a hard to follow rule this weekend

--that Emma is so patient with Faith

--how much G LOVES his music class.  He’s constantly singing their Christmas stuff.  Love a 10 year old boy who’s not afraid to sing at the top of his lungs!

--I appreciate that F's insistence that everything be on her terms will make make her a force to be reckoned with in this world.

--how friendly and open my kids are.  Look at how relaxed and content Faith is with Santa.  I love that my kids are outgoing and loving to people around them.

Santa Claus & Children

Wow!  Even though they aren’t robots who want to follow me around while I run errands and keep the house spotlessly organized, they are pretty great!  Who knew?


Jenna said...

You've got me thinking... I need to look at the positives!

Tristan said...

You have me thinking too. Your children are fantastic and gorgeous! I can't get over how much Emma looks like you!! She is your clone.

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic post! I find this time of year hard but its all about perspective hey.
I bet you and Ryan are very proud of your kids.

D-dawg said...

This is really great Jessica. I need to do this- my kids have been really bugging lately. I'm going to try!

Linsey said...

They are pretty great indeed!

Adrianne said...

Yet one more thing you do that I should do... It really is wonderful that they are open and loving with everyone around them. My Gabe is not and it sometimes makes me sad b/c others don't get to appreciate how adorable he can be like I do.

Erika said...

did you want to take mine for a while and try them out?

jessica said...

How early does one have to wake to be an early bird in your family? You guys are all early birds! Love Faith's style...I just realized it's been almost two weeks since I've seen you or your kids!!! So sad!

Lauren in GA said...

Such a great post, Jessica. It made me teary...becaue as I read about your awesome kids, I couldn't help but think of the great many things that I love and appreciate about mine.

I am dying over that picture of Faith. What. a. beautiful. child. she. is. I know I say this all the time but, SERIOUSLY...Your kids are gorgeous.

Seth's shirt that says, "Awesome ↑ see above for details." is utterly fabulous.

Rochelleht said...

Lovely, lovely!

I totally agree with Tristan about Emma. Ooh la la!

Camden said...

Great perspective. Thanks!

Shopper Gal said...

Your kids are always so polite and kind every time I see them at school. They are ever so sweet :) You're doing a great job, Mama!