Thursday, March 1, 2012

Belated Birthday Tributes

Recently, two people have commented to me regarding my February birthday buddies and I thought that the quotes kind of exemplified those two people that I’m lucky enough to be living with.  We’ll let them speak for themselves:

About Emma, who turned into a TEENAGER on February 12th, her Young Women’s leader said “That girl has everything I would want in a daughter.”  (Aren’t I lucky, that I get that girl for my daughter?!)


And on February 28th, when Ryan’s sister Heather came over with birthday wishes and presents, she related the following conversation that she’d had with her daughter Courtney, age 5: 

Heather:  “What should we get Ryan for his birthday?  What does he really like?”

Courtney:  “Well, he really likes kids!”



(It just speaks volumes that that was the first thing she thought of…he’s always taking time to pay attention to, and interact with, the kids in the room.  He is fun and gentle and aware of others.)



kara jayne said...

two of the best comments you can get!!

Brooke Romney said...

That has to feel good to be the mom and the wife of 2 great people :)

Lauren in GA said...

Those are such lovely compliments. Your February Birthday Buddies are splendid people, indeed.

Aaaaack! You and I both are far too young to have teenagers. There must be some sort of clerical error.

Cami said...

Yay for birthdays!