Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hawaii Recap! Yay us!



It’s probably obnoxious to have any negatives when you are discussing your trip to Hawaii, so let’s just do those first:


1.  Rain.  It was the worst weather in a decade.  Isn’t that sad for us?  You probably heard about it on the news.  Because I come from a rainy area, it really bummed me out that my Hawaii trip was rainy. (Here’s us, in the rain, at Pearl Harbor, where we couldn’t go out to the USS Arizona Memorial, due to rain.)



2.  How dang expensive everything in Hawaii is.  $15 for a bowl of oatmeal at my hotel?  Seriously?!

3.  How far our (awesome) resort was from anything.  It just meant we had to pay a bunch of extra taxi money to get to the bus/tram to sight see.

4.  Our airplane’s windshield cracking, the resulting delay, missed flight and overnight stay in Seattle.  It was kind of excruciating to be in the Hawaii airport for 6 hours without getting to enjoy the long-awaited sunshine.



(There are much more of these)

1.  Spending 5 straight days with Ryan.  I love that guy and don’t get enough time with him and I LOVED not having to share him with anything else.


2.  The GORGEOUS resort we stayed in.  Ryan was awarded this trip at work (because he’s awesome) and his company treated us SO well.  The pool, beach, restaurants, dolphins, room were all just amazing.

f5gift view2

3.  The Polynesian Cultural Center.  I loved every minute we were there (okay, except for the dinner…not so good).  There was such a neat feeling there and I loved the grounds and the shows and all the stuff we learned.



4. Eating sushi 4 times.  I feel like I know it now and I am officially a fan.

5.  The weather perking up the last 2 days.  I got to run my long run for the week (15 miles) and it was while I was running that the sun came out and stayed out.  We vegged on the beach the whole day.


6.  Meeting up with our friends from home.  It was fun to hang out with them 5000 miles from our little Washington town.


7. The tour we took of the LDS temple in Laie.  I was overcome with the beauty of the building and the truth that families really can be together forever.


8.  The pineapple.


Writing about it makes me sad it’s over, especially on this dreary day in Eastern Washington.  It was so dreamlike and we were so lucky to get to have those days together.


Rochelleht said...

SUCH a bummer it rained. I sure love Hawaii. I need to go back.

Brooke Romney said...

What a blast...even in the rain. Lucky you to spend 5 days with Ryan only!!

Carie said...

Hooray for you! This sounds so dreamy.

(Super sad about the rain though. I can kind of relate: when we went to Mexico with the kids, the last three days of our trip were raining culminating in a tropical storm.)

And lastly, cute swimsuits.

Elizabeth said...

I am bummed for you about the rain!

You look so happy being with Ryan. It's excellent you guys got away together.

Lauren in GA said...

Booooooo on the rain.

That is wonderful that you got to be away together, though. Great job to your awesome Ryan for working so hard to be awarded a trip to paradise.

You look so awesome. I am diggin' your straw cowgirl hat. I am glad you had a great time. You deserve it.

That pineapple looks divine. ☺

Brooke said...

That is so fun and your pineapple looks so delicious. I bet your run was beautiful. We just got back from our spring break trip to Branson with Spencers parents and it rained the whole time, almost.

Abbie said...

i want to go to there!

Alisa said...

Sounds amazing,even if you did have crappy weather for a little bit. I can't wait to have Luke all to myself for 5 days. And you go girl for running 15 miles on a vacation!!

Adrianne said...

Ok, there is nothing worse than bad weather on a beach vacation, but it looks amazing nonetheless. Quality time with your boyfriend at a great hotel can make up for a lot!

Tammy said...

I am so glad you two got a fabulous trip together. I know it does not happen often enough and it is so well deserved. I have all kinds of inappropriate suggestions of activities you could have done in the bad weather...but I will just leave it at that. :) HEE HEE

Jenibelle said...

Those bathing suits were amazingly cute!!

Oh, you and Ryan are too! Fun trip!