Thursday, March 22, 2012

You win some, you lose some

good idea:
Telling the kids they'd get their German pancakes after they finished their spinach smoothies.

bad idea:
Checking the long range (April/May) forecast on this snowy "spring" day--colder and wetter than normal. Kill me now.

Good idea:
Bagging my weight-lifting plan in order to spin and chat with Laura for an hour.

Bad idea:
Waiting for 60 minutes to run dry boots to Seth at school. They kind of forgot about him and by the time I got there, he'd been hanging out in the nurse's room OUT OF CLASS for almost 2 hours. I can just picture him, oblivious and chatting, as each new person came in. Why would it not have occurred to him to wonder why he was not in class all morning??

Good idea:
--learning time with Faith. Best 20 minutes of my day. Especially when she points at a hexagon and says "hey! That's a hexagon...I leawned it from Abbyth Flying Faiwy Thchool."

Bad idea:
--deciding to pay my kids' allowances/babysitting money. Without going into detail it revealed one child's ridiculous over-spending habits, another's losing $ habits, and one's tendency to borrow without asking and not pay back. Disturbing 30 minutes at the Romney house. Someone tell me they won't be homeless and broke someday?

Good idea:
-/making this dish for dinner:

seems like a bad idea but was actually a good one:
--middle school band concert. Those kids are GOOD.

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Lauren in GA said...

I know, right? Whenever I attend the band concerts...even at the middle school age...I am blown away by the talent. Well, not literally, heh, heh, heh...get it...they blow into their instruments...okay, nevermind...

I love the way Faith talks. I can see why learning time is so awesome.

Seth makes me laugh. He's just a happy little clam...wherever he is.

Brooke said...

Those were fun to read. That is so hilarious that Seth was outside of class for 2 hours. We could use alot more green smoothies here, I just can't promise German pancakes after. maybe I'll just say cold cereal or oatmeal.

Lindsey said...

I remember thinking spring was riiiiiiiight around the corner in March in Spokane. I am gong to call it. "Spokane Delusionalism" There you go. Because THIS would always happen.

On the money note, I gave Abby one of my old check registers (I don't use them) and THAT is where we "keep" her money. It doesn't get lost, and she can't really spend it without me knowing because it isn't real! She knows how much she has, and when she wants to spend it. I buy it, and we "debit" it out of her check register. It works great. :)

Meridith said...

It was fun to see pictures of your awesome trip to Hawaii and hear about your adventures.