Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun February

No wonder February seemed nuts. Look at all the stuff we did:

14 days of valentines 2012:

Lunch dates

14days1 14days2

Strawberry crepes for breakfast


Treats and Valentines shopping at Target


Making Candy pops


Valentine shirts (self-timered this one, can you tell?)


Family Ice skating (MUCH more fun now that Seth can kind of skate solo)


The famous Parfaits


Cookie decorating with the neighbors


Gabe was busy too. He was skiing with the neighbors:


competing in his 3rd Math is Cool competition (they took 2nd place):


and doing his China Fair project:


We had playgroup at our house. The theme was art, so here they are scultping masterpieces from edible playdough (thank you Pinterest):


We had birthdays:

Emma’s was a little low key, but considering we’ve spent every Saturday for two months building, painting, sanding, hanging, shopping and sewing for her new teenage room…I’m not feeling too bad.

She had coffee cake for breakfast, Papa Murphy’s pizza for lunch and the big old Costco chocolate cake to share with the Daines during present opening:




We are getting SO close on that room. I can’t wait to show it on the blog, soon!

Ryan had his usual super low-key birthday. He asked for a lunchdate with me and Faith:


and breakfast for dinner


and NO presents because…

We bought a Honda Pilot. It looks like this,

2011 Honda pilot Black Touring Affordable SUV

but this isn’t ours because I’m too lazy to go downstairs, and take a picture.

It was a little crazy because it all came about in less than 36 hours. I really had planned on doing a humerous post on our 9 year old, cracked windshielded, duct taped sided, broken seat-belted, broken dashboarded, horrible smelling, 185,000 milesed van, just so I could document the trash can I drove around in. It had started worrying us and we didn’t want to pay to fix it when we planned on purchasing one in the fall and within a day Ryan found this screaming deal on this 2 year old decked-out Pilot. Errands are fun again. The whole family pinches ourselves when we get to load up in that glorious thing.

We also did one-on-one dates with Jane and Seth:

Jane wanted to go skating again and some nice lady walked up and gave us two free tickets. Nice!


Plus also, it was super sunny and basically having along time with each kid is, like, the most genius parenting trick ever.


Seth did breakfast and then did the Home Depot workshop with Ryan:


And, finally, this totally random shot of Seth’s Valentine’s box, because I REALLY had to improve on the embarrassment that was Jane’s box last year (see this post, if you’re interested). Again, thank you, Pinterest.


So that was February. I think every single picture on this page had red, pink or something sugary to eat in it. The next post will have something blue (sky, water), tan (skin, sand) and more treats to eat because….we leave for Hawaii in less than 48 hours. Yay for alone, warm, couple time!


Carie said...

You guys are so fun. Wish we lived closer.

katie said...

I'm jealous of the new car and the trip to Hawaii. Have such a good time!

Lindsey said...

Did you go from a mini van to a Pilot?? Wow! I went from a Pilot to a mini van. But I loved my pilot, but my kids with their long legs did not have a future in our pilot (I had the older version, maybe the new one is bigger? Anyway, my kids also cannot be sitting close enough where they can touch each other. You are so lucky. I can't believe you all fit!

Shirley said...

Aloha Jessica! Have a lovely time in Hawaii! Just got back from a quick couples' cruise to the Bahamas and yet I feel a bit jealous for your adventure! You deserve it!!!

Elizabeth said...

Enjoy your trip!

Lauren in GA said...

Enjoy your trip!!!!! I love couple time!!

I love the self-timered picture. I think you all got into position very well. I have some of people halfway in the picture...or...perhaps, falling down...perhaps...*ahem*.

Emma's room reveal is gonna be spectacular. I am gonna chant, "Move that bus!!!" to get into the spirit of the whole reveal!

Yay for the new car!! I always got a giggle when you discussed your mini van. Ryan said once something along the lines of it not smelling right since, I think, 2004 (I can't quite remember the year). I also remember you all joking about people not believing that your mini van was actually stolen. She has served well. RIP Ye Olde Mini~ van.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, and by the way...we call duct tape chrome in Georgia.

...and I love your Pinterest finds. I am going to make Brian make a monster mouth for a Valentine Box next year.

Tammy said...

I was feeling a sugar high just looking at all the pictures of treats! Looks like a busy and fun month! I am sooo thrilled you got a new car and are going on a romantic, fabulous trip. You TOTALLY deserve it, both of you. Cannot wait to see your tan, fabulous beach pictures! Can't wait to see Emma's room!!