Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday snapshot

Right now, on the slow, snowy Saturday...

Ryan is cleaning out the garage. He kind of hates it and loves it at the same time.

Jane is pretending she's playing her own concert using the Dora the Explorer microphone.

Seth is her super enthusiastic audience:

Gabe is finishing the extra job he earned (scrubbing the washer/dryer) by leaving for school without emptying the dishwasher yesterday:

Faith is mad in her room after being caught drawing on yet another surface that's not paper:

Emma is reading in her new bed (sneak peak of the half done room):

And I'm half done with the process of hair and makeup:

Want to come over?

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Carie said...

I want to come over! Sounds like the perfect easy Saturday.

Lauren in GA said...

I do, I do want to come over!

That picture of Seth as the super enthusiastic audience is cracking me up.

How DARE you stifle Faith's creativity like that. She can't help it that she is so artistic that she sees all the world as her canvas. ;)

Brooke said...

yes, I wish I could come and hang out with you guys for the day. Emma's room is looking very fun. I can't wait to see the finished product.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i am intrigued by this job gabe earned. i'm always looking for new jobs. there has been so much scrubbing of moss off the back fence, that the fence is now splintering. i need to branch out. please follow up via email on how one has a child scrub the washer and dryer. this is promising stuff...

G and G Nut said...

I'm kinda worried about those caffeine jokes that Seth is hearing!!