Tuesday, February 14, 2012

January summary


In January, we got to work on Emma’s room makeover (her requested birthday present).  It’s only taking 3 times as long as we thought it would.  Here are Ryan and Emma building her hanging bed.  Stay tuned for “After” pictures.


We got a good snowstorm.  This winter has been my favorite Spokane winter ever.  Sunshine, mild temperatures, running outside all winter long and 2 big snowstorms that were enjoyed thoroughly and then melted away within the week.  Here are the kids playing in it.  Yes, I know Seth’s coat is ridiculous.


Faith is 3.  I forgot that 3 is THE COMPLETE WORST AGE EVER.  I’ve had 5 kids and I promise, 3 is waaaay worse than 2.  We have been having LOTS of this:


But then also some of this: (Just so we don’t give up on her before she turns the SUPER FUN age of 4)


(insisting she needs a sleep mask at naptime)


(spending the morning as a pirate and telling us to “go walk off da plank!”  It was pretty cute.)


We also spent the last week of January we fun visitors:



Ryan’s parents came and stayed and we had the best time with them!

To kick off New Years (and as evidence of the aforementioned mild winter), we took a hike:


(Gabe is starting to only want to hang out with his friends and it’s very sad.  We let him out of this family outing.  Boo.)

Faith finding a stick that looked like an F:


My favorite person:


Where’s Seth?  Look hard…he’s super camouflaged:



One afternoon, Gabe was practicing trombone ( ahh! the sweet, sweet sound of sick elephants trumpeting in your living room), and I noticed another tooting sound.  I went to investigate and found this:  Faith tooting in rhythm, in all seriousness.  It cracked me up.


And no year in Blogland is complete without some Crazy Hair Day pictures:


Yay January!


Rochelleht said...

The picture of Faith's 'horn' made me laugh out loud. And yes, I have long maintained that 3 is the WORST year by far. I can't believe I (or they) made it through.

Now, 12 is certainly shaping up to rival it. 5 days out of the month, anyway...

Elizabeth said...

My Mum used to day "Terrible Twos's and Even Worse Three's" lol.

That pic of you and Ryan is just beautiful.

Lauren in GA said...

I feel so close to you, Jessica. I was so shocked when my first became infinitely harder when he turned 3. It is so true that 3 makes 2 look like child's play. (heh, heh, heh...I used the phrase child's play when talking about the behavior of children. I'm awesome.)

I love that picture of Jane on the sled. It captures the joy of a great snow. Her smile is awesome.

That naptime mask and pirate talk are adorable.

You make me laugh. I love your, "super camouflaged" description of Seth.

I have a trumpet player and a trombone player. I feel so close to you...because of your sick elephant description. I want to run screaming from the house when afternoon practice starts.

I this comment is very, very long...but I also have to comment on how I LOVE the pipe cleaners in Jane's hair. It adds awesome Cindy Lou Who whimsy to Crazy Hair Day.

Oh...editorial note...since we are Mormon I won't call them pipe cleaners...I will use the high brow title of chenille sticks. I feel much better.

Longest, annoying-est comment now over.

Abbie said...

3 is THE WORST! 4 is the BEST!

I love your family. Come visit me again.

Jess said...

I so LOVE age 4!!!! so cute and loving! AGREE, on 3, rooting for you to make it through the year :)