Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick Quote #20

Jane came up to me the other day and said this:

"Wememboh when I was yelling in the bathtub yesterday? Well, I was so loud, I was a little bit wohwied (worried) the cops were going to come and take me to jail."

Cops, unfortunately, do nothing about 4 year olds who yell too much.


Audry said...

I wish my kids would be a little more concerned with the decibels in which they use. Mine are very loud at 6:30 in the morning. It's especially annoying when you are trying to sleep in on Saturday.

Lauren said...

Jane is so funny! Yeah, the cops don't seem to care about a 4 year olds that yell too much...or boys that jump from couch to couch and then wrestle in a heap in the floor until someone gets hurt. Oh, sorry...enough about my daily life ;)

Christie said...

Is she in the tub in her clothes? If my kids ever tried that, I'd be so mad. Wet, drippy clothes? Ugh.

She's adorable. Good thing the police aren't coming to get her. My daughter once said (when she was getting out of her car seat) that the police wouldn't get mad at her because she was too pretty. Help me with that one.

Amber said...

If that were the case, we would be permanent jailbirds at our boisterous house!

Hollyween said...

I love your quick quotes. I might copy them one day because they always make me laugh. Only, I don't think I can get the 'kid talk' thing down like you.