Monday, October 1, 2012

Athletic Events we competed in last summer

(man, I really better pick this up because we are going to be recapping summer when it’s snowing…)

Everyone who knows us, knows we like to be active.  I’m happy that we’ve been able to pass this on to our kids.  There were a lot of bike rides and early morning exercising all summer long (Gabe and a couple neighborhood boys had this super-impressive 6am workout schedule), but we also did some more official events over the summer too.

The Windermere Marathon

marathonstartSONY DSC

I ran my third marathon in May and continue to love them.  It was my hardest one so far on many levels, but pushing through those kinds of challenges really makes me feel good.  My time was 3:54 which wasn’t a personal record but I was okay with that.  And, honestly, me being okay with not reaching a goal is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

I ran the first 8 miles averaging 7:55 minute miles, which was too fast.  My legs kind of seized up around miles 13 and I ran the rest of the marathon in immense discomfort.  Right around mile 22, I realized I wasn’t going to get my goal and I began really feel that it didn’t matter.  Training, learning my body and this sport, being with friends, setting an example for my kids are things I would/did accomplish and I was able to finish in good spirits. 

A highlight was having Gabe join me for the last 3 miles.  I was in such pain and having him encouraging me and running next to me was such a sweet thing for me (tearing up as I write this).  I’m glad to have such support at home and I’m glad to have a healthy body that can do hard things! (Marathon #4 happens next June!)

Kids Triathlon

photo 62sethtritrifinish

In June the 3 middle kids competed in a triathlon and it was also a great experience.  I think they learned a lot about the sport and competing and feeling good about trying their best.  Gabe had a lot of bike trouble but because he’s such a good swimmer and runner, I think he came in 6th.  Jane had a little breakdown in the pool but really pulled it together and finished well.  Seth (hilarious as always) finished first in the swim and just really enjoyed himself.  I’m proud of my kids who are willing to challenge themselves!


Liberty Lake Loop

We run this race every year and it’s such a fun event.  Gabe, Ryan and I ran the tough hilly course and all finished in about 30 minutes.  Jane, Seth and Faith did the kids events.  Jane has a thing where she sometimes freaks out over a lot of attention and these kinds of events can stress her out.   She got it together and each of our kids medaled in their age brackets. (Not that we care, truly, but these entries are journals and I’m just writing it down).


Couer d’ Alene Olympic Triathlon





I competed in my first triathlon this year and just LOVED it.  I LOVED swimming and biking outside in our gorgeous Northwest summers and I loved learning something new.  The event itself went better than I expected.  It was a .9 mile swim, a 24 mile bike and a 6.5 mile run.  I did it in 3:17, which was better than I expected.  I just have to get some of my buddies/family members to join me next year!


Family Triathlon




Our neat friends that Shenemans organized a family triathlon for labor day weekend, complete with prizes.  All ages competed and finished and we ended with a big breakfast at the Beykirchs.  It was a great end to our active summer!


Ashley C said...

I think it's so awesome that you guys are so active and that you've instilled that in your children. So far I'm failing in that department.

Nurse Graham said...

I so enjoyed getting to do some of my long runs with you this past spring.

Yeah for happy, active kids!

Lauren in GA said...

Absolutely amazing, Jessica. All of it. I love that you and Ryan love to be active and your children love it too. Just wonderful.

I kind of got teary thinking about what it would be like in the moment to have Gabe encourage you like that as you ran together. I get teary when my kids say, "Good dinner, mom." or the like. I'm glad your heart didn't burst while you were running.

jessica said...

So glad we did that marathon together...who knew it would be the last one with me and Meg's living in LL...BOOO! We totally missed the LL loop, living in the city has lots of cool stuff but not many runs...unless you count Boston Marathon :)