Friday, October 19, 2012

Funny Things We Said this Summer:


A few funny conversations I made note of this summer…

1. She needs a mental Advil  

Faith:  “My mind hurts!”

Jane:   “Ooh!  Why?”

Faith:  “Seth kicked it.  He kicked me in my mind.”



2.  The Mote in Your Brother’s Eye

While fighting with Seth, Faith started to sing “I’m trying to be like Jesus” (a song I sing to remind people how to act).  When I heard her start singing (assuming the best, of course), I said “Faith, are you trying to help yourself act like Jesus?”  Faith burst into tears, saying “NO!! I’m trying to help Seth act like that!”


3.  It’s all a matter of expectations

Ryan, while trying to diet this summer, had this observation:  “When you are on a diet, you go from Hungry to Not Hungry.  When you’re not on a diet, you go from Full to Not Full.”


4. (not necessarily funny, just sweet and worth recording)

We saw Miss Patty (one of the school supervisors at Seth’s school) at a non-school event.  Seth, of course, went out of his way to hug her.  She commented:  “He’s just full of love tonight!”

I said “oh, he’s always full of love!”

Miss Patty replied, “That’s what we say at work.”

I asked “What do you say?”

Miss Patty shared, “Oh we say… if you’re sad, go find Seth.”



5.  So, we should or shouldn’t jump off the table holding sharp scissors…?

Ryan:  “You know what’s the most exhausting part of being a parent?  Having to constantly be the voice of reason.”



5.   The Wrong type of nasty

Faith was being particularly snippy and rude to everyone, and so I said “There has been a nasty mouth here and I’m tired of it.”

Faith, in complete oblivion, though it should have been VERY obvious, says, “Who has a nasty mouth?  Jane?  Seth"?”

I say, “Uh, no.  You!”

Faith, again, in all seriousness, “But I pwomise I bwushed my teeth this morning.”


Lauren in GA said...

I loved them all!

It is so great that Seth is such a love. It reminded me of when that young lady said she wanted him as her life coach. Congrats on having a true, "Joy Boy".

...I guess part of the reason he is so wonderful is Faith's diligence in reminding him to be like Jesus through song.

Cami said...

I'm laughing so hard! What a great post!
I like the Readers' Digest style format with the headings. Made it even more funny.

Elizabeth said...

Faith is a classic! I love the crayon story ... Crayons are so naughty!