Monday, October 15, 2012

The casts we wore

Yeah, so Faith broke her arm. If you're counting (please don't), this is the 6th broken arm in the Romney family. Faith has the dubious honor of being the only child to break her arm TWICE, though, so that's something. Don't read the breaking-of-the-arm description, please, if you are our insurance agent, kay? Because it involves the trampoline: The most dangerous/most played with toy we own. It was Sunday afternoon, Seth and Faith were playing on the trampoline, Faith went to get off, Seth bounced while she was standing on the edge, she fell and hit the ground. I did my usual denying of any illness/injury and Ryan did his usual "of course something's broken/ill, you ridiculous eternal optimist". We called our doctor friend and were loading Faith up to check with him to avoid ER fees, but as we were loading even I could see it was really really hurt and we headed to the ER instead.
She was a trooper as we waited, and they basically told us it were super broken which means Surgery and Pins. She was in the hospital for 24 hours and everything went normally and the only thing of note was when Ryan forced the surgeon to commit to a hard cast because, really?! A 3 year old in the summer, with a splint and some ace bandage for a month?! Really?!
It sucked majorly not being able to swim, because as previously posted, we swam every day last summer. Faith decided to remedy that by falling into the pool at swimming lessons, fully dressed, and was whisked back to the o,rthopedist's office (for a new cast) where one of our friends, who is a doctor there commented that we should have a standing weekly appointment. Har de har har.
We got it taken off exactly one month later (so she could swim at Boulder Bay at Silverwood, of course). The doctor warned that 3 is young to remove pins without anesthesia, but we wanted to just try the easier (cheaper) route first. I was seriously praying like crazy the few days before. I had Ryan take off work and he held her (with Netflix streaming on his phone) while we distracted her and the doctor whisked those babies out like it was nothing. I was so thankful!
And that's the story of the cast. So, Vegas odds on whether there'll be Broken Arm #7??


Lauren in GA said...

Ryan was really smart to insist on the hard cast.

I totally laughed when I read how you wrote out, "Har de har har." You are hilarious.

Well...if I were a bettin' girl I'd say there will indeed be a Broken Arm #7...but, I'm not sure who the victim will be.

Lindsey said...

I think you're due for another this week! :)

rachel said...

AH! you are so inspiring to me. I love how you are so real. I seriously think I want to be more like jessica! i feel like i have so much to learn from you. on a side note emma looks too old. serioulsy i cant handle thinking my kids are going to grow that fast. thanks for posting i love reading how awesome your family is.