Friday, September 28, 2012

The places we swam this summer

You know how I said it was a lazy summer?  Basically all we did was swim.  Here in Spokane, you can swim for about 2.5 months and so my motto was “If I can do it (museum, hike, nap, clean, read, make dinner) October through June, then I’m bagging it in favor of swimming.”  And that’s just what we did.

A few of our favorite spots:

The Taylor’s pool (fabulous ward members who open their pool at designated time for anyone who wants to come)


Whitworth Aquatic center (for a triathlon!)



Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz (unbelievably fun…possibly my favorite day of the whole summer)


Swimming at Girls Camp!



Grandma Nut’s pool for the the last time (sob!)


Doug and Marcy’s pool!


Boulder Beach at Silverwood:



The Daines Lake Cabin (my kids love it here so much they’ve written essays naming it their favorite place on earth.  Seriously.)


The Sheneman’s backyard lakefront (they are so generous with their home and beach):


Every ounce of sunscreen, load of beach towels, messed up hair-do was worth it.  We sucked the life out of our warm Spokane summer!


Elizabeth said...

I am in love love with your bathers! Where did you get them? I know i will nwver get them on oz but i can try.
much more importantly all your babes look so gorgeous and happy swimming and enjoying the water.

Lauren in GA said...

I know I've said it before...but it is so unreal to me that we share a country but our weather is worlds apart. Way to make the most of your swimming temperatures.

A triathlon? SO, SO AWESOME!!

Jessica said...

It's from a site called Lime Ricki. It's old but I love they're new stuff too.

Tammy said...

I am obsessed with
Jane's legs!!!!