Monday, September 24, 2012

Camps we went to this summer

As I’ve stated previously, I was all about the low-key summer.  About 2 weeks into it, I started worrying that I hadn’t signed my kids up for any camps, forgetting that between church and scout camps, we would have plenty of chances for the Summer Camp Experience.

Jane was first with her Activity Girls Day Camp.  It’s a church sponsored camp for girls 8-12 years old and every year it blows me away with it’s darling-ness.  The theme was Ever Remember, using the theme of an Emergency Room/Medical/Hospital throughout the whole thing.  It was lovely.  I volunteered the first day and loved watching Jane play games, craft, hang out with friends, learn Gospel truths.  So great.


Gabe went next.  This year was a Mega-Scouting event that resulted in a multi-stake, thousands of boys scout camp.  Because Gabe was a few weeks away from turning 12, he was able to participate.  They had TONS of activities (obstacle courses, merit badge opportunities, sports, swimming) and they had some good devotional and spiritual challenges to meet during the week as well.  They’ve been featured in a few local newspapers (Gabe is actually in some pictures) and everyone is pretty excited they got to be a part of the whole thing.  Ryan was able to volunteer for 2-3 days as well. 





Emma and I went to Young Women’s Camp again this year and again, we loved it.  I was a Level Leader and, while it was more work than I’ve ever done in the past, I’m always so grateful for the joy I feel as I serve.  I’m also amazed at how mentally/emotionally restful it is to just worry about ONE THING (the 3rd level girls), rather than FORTY-TWO THINGS (bills, visiting teaching, discipline, cooking, cleaning, book club, blogs, volunteering, etc. etc.).  It’s a lovely break for me. 

My level:



Emma at scripture time:



Ryan came up for bishop’s night and we had to do this little skit:Girlscamp3

Mom and Emma (bishop’s night, when the girls get silly):



The camp is so phenomenally organized and we had a such a gorgeous location, that Emma also had a great time.  She loved the crafts and the swimming and got certified in all of her camp stuff.  It’s fun to pass her and get a hug throughout the day and watch her interact with the girls. 

We LOVE Young Women’s Camp!


All of this happened in the first two weeks of August, which was crazy, but we all enjoyed our time away and felt enriched by our experiences.  (That was the most cliché-d sentence ever.  This is the problem with trying to blog a whole summer in a month.  You forget all the interesting, funny details and are left with the lovely, slightly white-washed memories.  Too bad.)



Lauren in GA said...

Don't feel badly about anything being, "white washed" as you called it. I think it is SO GREAT that you are blogging about all of the aspects of your summer. I really and truly admire your blogging.

And I love the fact that everyone had great fun and spiritual experiences.

Adrianne said...

I love the recaps. Mario is being forced to become a scout leader due to his YM calling, and is SERIOUSLY annoyed about it. He has less than zero interest in the scouting program...