Monday, August 29, 2011

Here’s SIX things I like about you:

(By Gabe Romney…transcribed from the birthday card he made for Seth)


1.  You’re always happy

2.  You’re always trying to help

3.  You are great at making friends

4.  At times you can be my best buddy

5.  You’re a kind little brother and a great big brother

6.  You are the BEST brother in the world!

seth birthday 047


Rebekah said...

How sweet!! Could those two be cuter?! I love them! Happy birthday Romney boys! I hope you get your presents today!

Rachel said...

Love that boy! Happy birthday Seth!!

Lauren in GA said...

SO SWEET, GABE! The things you mentioned were so great. I love the card you made, too.

Happy Birthday, Seth!

G and G Nut said...

Good job, Gabe!! Couldn't have said it better myself.
Love you, Seth!!