Friday, August 26, 2011

11 Things I would like to tell Gabe on his 11th Birthday

(by Ryan)

1.) You have the drive and dedication of someone twice your age. 

2.) I love your blend of natural mathematical talent and hard work – it’s so fun to see those two together.


3.) Boys are mean when they are unsure of themselves, there are a lot of insecure boys in middle school.  Don’t let their underdeveloped characters get you down.

4.) You swim like a fish


5.) I respect how seriously you live gospel principles.

6.) Failing something hard/new ALWAYS trumps succeeding at what is easy/safe. 

7.) You do a great job of being responsible with your money. 

8.) It is sweet how grateful you are for everything. 

9.) I want to be your best friend

10.) I have never met a kid who earned every Webelos pin they make, … well until now.  You are awesome!


(taken at the Pool Party Pack Meeting where Gabe was awarded most of his pins)

11.)  I feel profoundly blessed that you are my son.


Dad said...

With a wise and loving dad like this, Gabe has a great advantage over his peers. Like father like son. I feel the same about Ryan. Thanks for being who you are to my grandsons. And Happy Birthday to a great young man. Go Romney men and boys!

Lauren in GA said...

He is such a great young man. The things you mentioned are wonderful, Ryan.

I need to read #3 to my Adam (he's in 6th grade this year) I'll give you credit for the sage advice...even though I'd love to take credit because the wording is perfect.

Next year if you do a, "12 Things" list you should mention his killer dimples. They are AWESOME.

katie said...

LOVE this. Happy birthday Gabe.

Carie said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!

G and G Nut said...

So sweet. Love you both!!

Erika said...

And he can now totally date my daughter while they both get masters at BYU.