Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It’s the first day of school



The house is definitely too quiet.  It’s not so-sobbing-sad…it’s just a melancholy noticing-that-time-just-keeps-passing sad.  Ah, parenting.  Such a contradiction all of the time.

Here are the obligatory pictures, and some fun moments/comments to go a long with them:

Emma started 7th grade today.


She was excited, mostly because she thought she had the best outfit of all time.  She even said, “I was dreading school, till I got my back to school outfit and now I’m excited!”  Never underestimate the power of a winning look.


Gabe started 6th grade, which is at the middle school.  I asked them if I could take pictures at their school and they said sure.  We began talking about being embarrassed of their parents (which they haven’t been, yet.)  They were truly confused by the concept: “why would we be embarrassed?  We like you guys.  I act like I’m embarrassed when Dad starts joking around, but I’m just pretending, because I know my friends think he’s funny.”  Sweet, huh?


I started tearing up a little bit, when my boy left elementary school forever.  Boo.  (And yes, that shirt’s too big.  It’s a Men’s Medium, but he couldn’t find a smaller size and HAD to have the Patriots t-shirt to start the year off right.)

Jane started 3rd grade, and as always, was easy and fun.


She had a few eye rolls at all the pictures, but I think she does that because her older siblings do.  She got the teacher who ALL the 3rd graders wanted (and Emma and Gabe had) PLUS, gets her cousin Elise in her class.


Seth started 1st grade.  1st grade is worse (for the mommy) than kindergarten and I’ve gotten weepy any time I’ve talked about my fun, talkative, easy going buddy leaving me ALL DAY LONG.  He’s so happy with whatever you put in front of him, though, so it was fun to see him off today.


I’m slightly worried about his spaciness, though.  I’d left him playing on the playground, with plenty of directions about where to line up and when, and then went to document Jane.  The bell rang, all the kids rushed into line and I took some pictures of Jane in her classroom.  As I was walking down the hall, I hear “Oh, hi!  Mom!  I just didn’t remember to come in when the bell rang, so I’m a little late and by myself, but that’s okay!”  as Seth rushes by.  That kid.


Now it’s just us. 


Faith’s only asked me about 16 times this morning “What we doing today, Mom?”  She’ll definitely be at a loss without her cadre of pals. 

So to sum:  I’m a little blue, Faith’s a little lonely, Seth’s a little too easily distracted BUT my kids aren’t embarrassed of me, all have the teachers/classes we wanted and my kitchen is sparkling clean and will stay that way until 3:05. 

Welcome, School!


Christie said...

Your kids are SO CUTE. But so is their mom, so, no surprise. Whatever will you do with just ONE at home though?

missy said...

Wow, Emma looks so much like you! I was sad this year when my daughter started 1st grade, too. That whole-day thing is just too long if you ask me. (Apparently no one asked me...) She's my youngest and I'm still trying to figure out my days with no one here - and my kids started school three weeks ago! Enjoy that "not being embarrassed by my parents" stage. I have 2 in high school and I somehow manage to embarrass one of them on a daily basis and it's usually not on purpose.

You've got cute kids and it looks like a good start to your school year. :)

Elizabeth said...

Emma is right... she is rockin that back to school outfit!
So glad that the first day back went down well.

Cami said...

A good summary.
I've been completely weepy about first grade and the whole all-day-long thing. It's been really hard on Ella, too. :(

Cami said...

You know, my mom always dressed me so preppy for the first day of school. Walking shorts and lots of pastel plaids. Ick! No wonder I was so nervous to begin school. The worst was fourth grade when my pink and pastel plaid outfit was the exact opposite of my male teacher. (I mean, he should have been embarrassed anyway, but...)

Lauren in GA said...

I understand that blue feeling. You summed it up perfectly when you said that parenting is such a contradiction all the time.

I LOVED what Emma and Gabe had to say about liking you and Ryan.

You have awesome (and great looking) kids. I think it's gonna be a great year ☺.

Tammy said...

Your kids are so cute! Emma totally reminds me of you when we met at Tracy High freshman year! You will totally get used to this new set-up and you and Faith will enjoy your time. Have fun!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i am literally bursting with pride at gabe's wardrobe choice. i love him more than i love my own traitorous children.

emma looked fabulous. please tell her so.

and seriously. seth. if it came down to a battle between him and henry, the other kid i secretly want to raise, it'd be a tough call.

G and G Nut said...

Emma, Gabe, Jane, and Seth,
You are such cute and nice back-to-school kids. We love you so much and hope you all have a great school year. Faith, your job is to stay as cute as you are and keep your mom on her toes. ;)
Love you all.