Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts from Women’s Conference

I got to attend BYU’s Women’s Conference over the weekend.  Some observations follow:

--BYU is a beautiful campus:  the buildings, the blossoms, the huge so-close-you-could-touch mountains, the feelings that’s here.  I feel lucky all of the time that I got to attend all those years ago.  I have lots of fun memories.

--There is so much variety, even among a bunch of American Mormon women.  I loved the different clothing styles, ages, conversations I overheard, groupings.  Variety and difference are beautiful.  Sometimes I forget that I/we all don’t need to act the same.  It’s our differences that makes this life experience rich and meaningful and lovely.

--Sometimes, even for a Type-A, follow-the-rules girl, like myself, skipping a class and going to lunch my mother in law and sister in law can be WAY more enriching than any old class would be.  Plus:  Kneaders.

--I have a problem:  while in the first class, “Ideals are Stars to steer by, not Sticks to beat ourselves with”, I literally had a knot in my stomach while I tried to pick the Absolutely Perfect lecture list for the next two days.  I was all anxious that I would miss The One that would make me Perfect.  I had to talk myself off the ledge and remind myself that it would be great, no matter what I picked and what I heard.  Sheesh.

--Also funny:  In the Avoiding the Time Traps of Technology class, I observed 1 woman texting on her phone during the opening prayer (yeah, yeah, my eyes were open…), 1 woman get up and leave when she got a call on her cell phones, and 2 women having a discussion about Angry Birds.  One of the best classes I went to, regardless of anyone’s technology addictions.

--Having two days of almost total alone time is really really nice sometimes.  I spent one segment between classes reading EVERY SINGLE PLAQUE next to the Minerva Teichert (one of my faves) paintings that line the walls of the Joseph Smith building.  (Downside:  you have to take pictures of yourself and that doesn’t usually work out so well).

women's conference

--If you don’t have a friend at Women’s Conference…you better have a husband who doesn’t mind getting calls after every class, so that you can share all the brilliant things you are learning with SOMEBODY.

--It’s a good thing I’m a trained runner—getting into popular Women’s Conference classes requires it.  You should have seen me, literally, FULL-OUT 9 minute-mile running to get into NieNie and CJane’s class.  I kept ignoring the vision of my 36-year-old-tight-jean-leopard-print-flats self tearing through the campus with a bag bouncing across my back by telling myself a)You’ll never see these people you are passing again and b)when will you get a chance to see/hear those two in person again?  (TOTALLY worth it, btw—hilarious, interesting, spiritual).

--It was wonderful.  I really just spend the whole entire time feeling the abiding peace and joy of the Holy Ghost.  I felt personal promptings that including (mostly) affirmations that I’m doing just fine and (a little bit) ideas on how to improve.  I was reminded, through that Spirit, of the blessings that come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and obedience to it.  It is thrilling to know what I know and have what I have and to be able to share it with my children and others. 

--I have returned home just a little bit better than when I left.  


Carie said...

Attending Women's Conference by yourself? Awesome. I went last year with my sisters which was the ultimate. But I have to admit about half of the classes were medic ore and I am not that hard to please. It sounds like you had a different experience.

I would have been sprinting to see Nie Nie and CJane as well.

the wrath of khandrea said...


yeah. i get it. all of it. sad i couldn't go this year. i'm in desperate need of some of all this.

funny, your word verification is "unrott" as in "women's conference helps me unrott my life."

Lauren in GA said...

I bet you looked cute wind sprinting in your leopard-print-flats.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you got some time to feel the Spirit and reflect. I am glad that you came to the conclusion that you are, "doing just fine". You really give your best effort to do as the Savior would. It inspires me.

I had to laugh about the women in the Time Traps of Technology class.

Cami said...

oh so fun...can't wait to hear about it on the run tomorrow

jessica said...

jealous. that's all I have to say.

Oh and I missed you. okay now I'm done.

Jeanelle said...

Ooh I can't wait to hear more on Saturday! I went last year and like Carie, found many of the classes disappointing.

Christie said...

I wish I could have gone this year. I'd have been your friend and we could ran our 36-year-old selves in our leopard print flats together! (Yes, I own two pairs. LOVE them).

Sigh. Maybe next year.

Tammy said...

I loved reading this post. I'm glad you took time for YOU! It sounds like it was a pleasant journey for you. You are such an amazing person and sometimes just being in the moment, undistracted and unfrenzied helps to remind us that everything will in fact be alright. xo