Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things Jane Has Done While Wearing a Cast



1.  Jumped ON a diving board, but not OFF the diving board (phew!)

2.  Jumped on the trampoline.

3.  Played in her piano recital (both hands!)

4.  Had the “best birthday of her whole life!”

5.  Ridden a scooter, one-handed, while a tow rope was attached to it.  What?

6.  Seen the play “Wicked” and only felt scared right before Fiyero turned into a scarecrow.

7.  Done the neighborhood slip-n-slide (Wet PLUS running PLUS falling?  You see a problem with that?)

(We’re so relieved it comes off on Thursday, because she’s obviously been REALLY hampered by it for the last couple of weeks.)


Jeanelle said...

Tell Jane I played in my piano recital with a cast on my broken wrist when I was in the 3rd grade! What did you guys end up doing about her baptism??? And YAY on seeing Wicked! Did everyone love it??

Rachel said...

Love it! I keep forgetting that she has a cast on cause she's always doing jump rope and riding her scooter around the neighborhood:) Your making my job a lot harder with Rylynn ya know!!

Jess said...

Jane is so stinking CUTE!!!! Can I have her???

Lauren in GA said...

I am very relieved to see that having a cast has not affected her quality of life.

I love the pink she chose.

She is so, so, cute and I love that big smile.

Tammy said...

She sounds like my kind of girl!!

Cami said...

She can still ride her bike too...it's the best part of my day when I catch a glimpse of her riding to school.

Rochelleht said...

Wow! That is fast. Is she going to be able to get baptized without it? I hope!