Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick Quote



At a VERY involved Arrow of Light Ceremony, Faith noticed the man in the Indian headress:

"Hey!  Dat’s a coot tookey!”


Christie said...

Hilarious! Love it. Call it like you see it, sister.

Lauren in GA said...

Okay, I have a true story for you. I have told you before that my sister Stephanie reads all of my favorite blogs. Recently I shared with Celia how Steph and I have made what Alice said about, "Someone ate all of my freakin' cini minis" one of our catch phrases. For example, if something doesn't go our way we would say something along the lines of, "I got sunburned at soccer games on Saturday and someone ate all of my freakin' cini minis.

Anyway, I was telling my sister some of the dumb jokes that Evan had been telling me. I said, "Then Evan told me this politically incorrect joke that asked, "Why do Indians wear feathers on their heads? (the punch line is ridiculous..."to keep their wig wam" But before I could get to the ridiculous, and offensive punch line, Steph said, "So they can look like coot tookeys?"

So what? Steph and I like to quote Alice and Faith. I don't find that weird at all.

Annie said...

Laughing out loud at that. What a coot tookey she is.

Erika said...

Coot turkey, coot kids and and even cooter mom. Way to go on shedding 29lbs. Can you blog about that!

Daralee said...

Abigail is using this picture to overcome her fears of "the scary daddies."