Monday, April 25, 2011

The Weekend that was so lovely it deserves its own post


No pictures of this, but Emma and I got to participate in a huge Easter choir concert and it was a phenomenal experience.  The director is unparalleled and spending hours practicing and performing with friends was a blessing.  I feel grateful, during activities like these, that I get to experience holidays through music and get to raise my praises to heaven through song.


The egg dying:


so chill and fun. I think the first 60 degree day and the sunlight streaming through the window made everyone extra happy.

A sunny Egg-Salad-Sandwich Picnic:



The family candy/egg hunt:



The church egg hunt, also not documented with pictures, was way more fun this year (Egg hunts seem to be more enjoyable WITHOUT snow).  We loved the part where they sent the million kids out hunting in the forest and then told the adults to line up for the food.  Everyone was happy!


Alas, no Easter Sunday clothes pictures.  It’s way too hard to

a)get everyone dressed, happily, in time for church AND pictures

b)get everyone dressed, happily, in time for church AND pictures, when the 2 year old is taking her nap until the last possible second

c) get everyone dressed, happily, in time for church AND pictures, when the 2 year old is taking her nap until the last possible second, AND your husband left for meetings 40 minutes earlier.

Everyone did  look very cute and I was very pleased with the matching.  We’ll do a repeat next Sunday, when we visit Utah, and have Aunt Bekah take pictures.

But I did capture some of the always fabulous Easter dinner with the Daines:


and Uncle Doug and Aunt Marcy (who couldn’t be more positive, loving, thoughtful and fun to talk to):


Hey look!  I was there:


Last night Jane said the family prayer at the end of the day and was thanking Heavenly Father for each family member.  When she got to me, she said, “Thanks for mom and um….the food she makes.”  I took that opportunity (my counselor told me I could) to, kindly, remind those children about who organized all activities, purchased all eggs and dye kits, initiated Easter dinner planning with Heather, bought all new Easter clothes, provided all baskets, made all the food, etc. etc. 

I wanted some credit.  So, shoot me.


Rebekah said...

Cute and fun! I can't wait to see you guys and take lots of pictures in a few days! You are amazing Jessica!

Tristan said...

What a fun Easter. I demand Easter outfit pics though. Even if you take them individually :)

Ali said...

Your son (in the first picture of the post) looks exactly like your husband (in the blog header picture)! Same face, too cute!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you had a nice Easter. I'm glad the weather was nice for you too. Great work on reminding the kids of the really important "stuff" you do for them.

Lauren in GA said...

I get what you are saying about the Easter choir concert. It really helps me to feel the Spirit as I sing. So neat that you and Emma could do that together.

I can imagine that the joy of the hunt is enhanced if you don't have to contend with snow.

I love the way you write how you kept adding reasons to the list of how hard it is to get Easter outfit pictures.

You totally deserve all the credit. I'm not gonna shoot you. You look beautiful in the picture. I love the earrings and outfit.

Christie said...

You totally deserve the credit. I like to think of those kinds of moments as me teaching them to be good husbands. They won't learn it any other way, and it makes me feel validated. :-)

Shopper Gal said...

Oh that Janie- Um for the food you make!! HA Getting some credit is not a bad thing at all! Look at all you do, you totally amaze me!! Such a great Mommy, Wifey and thoughtful friend :)

Brooke Romney said...

What a great weekend!!

bloggingchristy said...

Fun stuff! Your blog always makes me laugh! And can I say the same thing I say every comment?


Carie said...

Such a fun weekend.

I think it's important the kid's understand just how much work goes into their happy lives. So take credit my friend.

Also, I LOVE your dress.