Monday, April 18, 2011

March (can I really remember that long ago?) Summary

I really don’t think I can remember much, so I guess I’ll just caption the few pictures I took.  You can tell who’s home during the day, because they’re basically the only people I document.

Here is Seth with his Leprechaun trap.

001 (2)

We obviously didn’t read the instruction that told us to make it small enough to fit in a backpack.  It was kind of hilarious because Seth literally thought he was going to catch an actual Leprechaun.  Too bad Mom didn’t “have enough energy” on St Patricks Day to let the Leprechaun in the house and he wasn’t able to leave his usual trail of footprints and pot of gold.  We’ll never know if that Leprechaun trap would actually have worked.

Luckily my energy was drained AFTER I purchased the appropriate green gear:

005 (2)

Speaking of my massive energy drain, I seriously got so fed up with reminding people to do 100% of their daily jobs instead of 63% and then having to deal with the stomping, yelling tantrums that resulted from reminders and THEN having to deal with fighting children all morning long before school that I just decided that I only had the energy to do the basic Mom stuff (feed, clothe, love the children).  We didn’t have fancy breakfasts, just healthy boring oatmeal.  I didn’t give rides to school/soccer/cub scouts/swim practice.  We didn’t have fun holiday celebrations.  Pretty soon I started hearing stuff like “Hey, guys, maybe if we stop fighting, she’ll make us waffles tomorrow.”  And “I can’t get distracted because I want mom to give me a ride.”  It was decently effective, I must say.

Also, I eat Spinach Smoothies every day, and I’m pleased to report that 3/5 of my children now suck down a serving of veggies with every breakfast.  See:


Dress up week at the Kindergarten Center included:

Wacky Wednesday


and Crazy Hair Day


Gabe competed in the Math is Cool competition and his team took 2nd place. 


There was a lot learned by Gabe about working consistently and up to his potential and Mom learned a lot about letting kids learn from their mistakes and dealing with the frustration/worry that comes with it.  Cryptic enough for you?

Emma got to go to her first New Beginnings for Young Women and it was beyond cute in it’s theme and message.  She LLLOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS Young Women.  Loves.


Aunt Betsy came to visit and we had a lovely time sneaking in lunches and pedicures and one late night talk.  We love having cousins come, too, of course, but sometimes an aunt by herself is LOTS of fun.


Note to self:  You remember a lot more about a month when it’s not been over for 3 weeks.  That’s all.


Lauren in GA said...

Well, the Leprechaun trap is mighty impressive. I love the front doorknob.

I am dying over Faith's elephant hair clips and the elephant on the front of her green shirt. She and Seth look great!

I love that things are working in your house...and that people aren't getting distracted so they can get rides and not fighting so that waffles may be on the horizon. You are a great mom, Jessica. I really mean that.

Lauren in GA said...

I meant to point out the front doorknob and the latch over said doorknob. Love it.

Also love that Emma loves Young Women. That is awesome.

Tristan said...

I am just impressed you remembered as much as you did :)

Elizabeth said...

If I didn't take pics I would remember zilch.
I'm impressed beyond words that some of your kids are drinking the spinach smoothies. Excellent news. My kids just roll their eyes at the thought of it.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i have found that lately, my energy drains are 100% literal. usually i just say it because in theory, their behavior should drain my energy.
is this a bad sign? if so, on whose part???

the wrath of khandrea said...

ps, i realize how repulsive this comment is, but it looks like faith had a sip from a dirty diaper.

i wonder if i'll ever get up the nerve to try one of those things...

crystal said...

Every year, I resent St. Patrick's Day.

I do not WANT to go to the effort to make Leprechaun tracks.

I do not WANT to color milk green.

I do not WANT to make green dinner.


Obviously, I am not fun.


(said in a very sarcastic Irish Accent.)

Alisa said...

Please share your spinach recipe. Do you have one of those fancy blenders? Oh I want one so bad. Love the post about Faith calling her older siblings. It's so true though.

Adrianne said...

So if I only every make boring healthy oatmeal for breakfast, does that mean I have no leverage?? I need to revisit that book and start applying it better. I think I would be better able to do that if you lived by me. want to move?

Brooke said...

I love the leperchaun trap. I told Carter about it. He wanted to know how many he caught. I'm impressed with your green smoothies. We need more green in our house. Happy Easter to all of you. I love you guys!!

Tammy said...

Love the spinach smoothies and how they are getting the kids hooked now, too! Try tossing in Romaine, carrots, kale, chard, and literally anything you have in the veggie drawer. Its amazing!! Secondly, you are much too hard on yourself girl. You are an awesome mom, and I have no IDEA how you keep up with 5 lil bodies and stay sane, but you do and you are great!!