Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kindergarten Self-Analysis


So Seth was supposed to color Red (or reddish pink, apparently) the “Intelligences” that seem most like him, Yellow for the ones that are kind of like him and blue for those not resembling him at all.

Do you see how well this kid knows himself?  (If you can’t tell, artistic is also colored red…)

I love it!


G and G Nut said...

What a great little guy you are, Seth!
Love you,
Gma Nut

Tristan said...

Seth is such a cute kid!

Lauren in GA said...

That is really great that he has such a good understanding of who he is.

I thought that my Underoos gave me magical powers at that age...I doubt I'd of had my finger on the pulse of my true intelligences.

Cami said...

Interesting thing to ask them in Kinder.
How fun!

Lauren, I know my Underoos gave me magical powers. I had Wonder woman and C-3PO

Meridith said...

It was fun to catch up on your family's lives. Sorry I've been out of touch. I can't wait to get together here in the near future.

love ya'll!!
The Matthews

buddens said...

Hey - I can't remember where you live and I think I have a friend moving to your area. If it is your area, would it be totally weird of me, a random blogging buddy, to ask you to let her call you and pick your brain about the area? At the risk that you don't want "your area" publicized, would you email me? Thanks!