Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Post is Titled: Exhausting, but Fun


Here’s some big events that we must discuss, from July:

Our City’s Fun Run:

Our kids are good runners.  Gabe, especially, has taken to the sport and feels good about his endurance and ability.  Last year, when I signed my kids up for the children’s race, Gabe was mad that I didn’t sign him up for the adult loop, which is 4 hilly miles.  I told him that if he wanted to do it, he’d really have to train. He wanted to do it.

Starting in May, Gabe and I ran the course every Monday morning.  It was great bonding time, especially with a less than loquacious 9 year old.  He ran the loop in usually 40-44 minutes (which I thought was fabulous time, considering 1.5 miles of it is a steep uphill.)  He felt ready for the race.  On race day, he and I got started at a fast pace.  He kept a slightly sub-9 minute mile pace for most of the race.  At the end of the course, I talked to him a little about a “kick” and his uncle Matt, who was known for his powerful surges at the end of his cross country races.  Gabe decided to try to “kick” at the end.  With 1/10th of a mile left, he took off.  I decided to try to catch him.  It was a fun moment, as spectators cheered at him to “Beat your mom!” 


He finished that course in 35:01!!

Picture 159

He got second place in the under 12 category and we were beaming with pride at his effort.

The girls ran the children’s course: 1/2 mile for Jane and 1 mile for Emma.  They weren’t slouches either:  Jane took 3rd place in her age group and Emma (with a 7:45! minute mile) finished 1st. 

Picture 157

We love that our kids are active and strong and know how to push themselves toward a goal. 

Picture 160

It was also fun the Grandma Dorrie was around to cheer us on (and help with Faith), especially since Ryan was in the hospital with Broken Arm Seth. 

My  Birthday:

These are the two things I have to say about my birthday

1) I really didn’t like turning 36.  It rounds up to forty and is definitely not young.  I was bothered by how much that age bothered me.

2) I really had a nice day.  You know how you kind of decide you don’t care about your birthday, and you almost kind of wish it would go away, because it’s annoying that people have to plan stuff for you?  Well, I’m glad it didn’t go away.  I celebrated by sleeping in a little, going to a pool with some friends and our kids


and the next night went out to dinner and had dessert at our house with some of our best buddies. 


I also had a bunch of people drop off goodies and small gift cards and little presents during that day and I just felt special and loved.  Plus I also finally got some really good knives from Ryan, which I want to kiss every day while I’m cooking, because I’m so in love with them.

Trip to Utah:

We love visiting Utah, but, I must admit, it’s a little exhausting.  Those of you with Utah ties know it’s great to visit because a million people you know live there, and it’s stressful to visit because a million people you know live there.  We tried to see a few of the million:

Blog friends that have turned into FIRL (Friends in Real Life, for those of you not as hip as me to Internet lingo).

Ryan’s sister Betsy, who entertained us with milkshakes at 4:00pm (Jane asked her cousin: “does your mom do this every day?!),

Picture 176

fun tutus for the moms kids to make,

Picture 178

cherry picking and good conversation.

Ryan’s mission companion and family (no picture, bummer!)

And almost all of my siblings:

Picture 201

We did the obligatory BYU visit, where we had lunch at Stan’s:

Picture 179

reinforced the desire in my kids to be Cougars:

Picture 184

and did the Bean Museum scavenger hunt:

Picture 180

(who’s scarier when angry??)

I have to say…I was keenly aware as I wandered with 5 kids and stroller in tow, that when I went to BYU and saw alumni visiting, looking all tired and laden with messy looking kids, I decided I would never be that un-cool. 

Picture 181

Oh well.

My mom also got married while we were there and the whole event had a sweet, peaceful feeling.  Rick is a good man and we are delighted to have him in our family.  Here are some pictures from the ceremony and the luncheon afterward.  (Side note:  My mom’s on a 3 week honeymoon trip in France, Italy, etc.  How fun is that?!)

Picture 187

(The Romney grandkids at the ceremony)

                        Picture 188 

(My brother Sam and his fiance, Stephanie, Bekah, Kelsie, Luke and Nate)









Picture 193

(Saying the words)

  Picture 200

(Who needs a special Ring Bearer Pillow, when you have a pack of Trident to store the ring in, right Nate?)

Picture 210 Picture 218

(The Crazies eating a very yummy lunch at Johnny Carino’s)

Yay!  I’m done with July’s summary. 


Rochelleht said...

You guys are seriously awesome in every way. REALLY!!

Abbie said...

We honestly considered driving through Utah on our way back to NY, but we would have missed the wedding and...17 hours is a lot of hours to add. But dang! I wish I could have been there. We love our Auntie Dorrie and all her kids.

Robin said...

You are amazing and very good at summing up an entire month. I enjoyed reading the whole thing.

nurse graham said...

Well you may have been tired while visiting BYU, but you definitely did not look "uncool" in your picture. You would have done your "co-ed self" proud.

Lauren in GA said...

That picture of you and Gabe running is so lovely. What a major accomplishment. I admires so, so, much how the two of you trained every Monday. Your kids are so awesome, Jessica. Emma's 7 minute mile is such a great time.

I'm sorry that you didn't like turning 36. I remember thinking the same thing...about it being so close to 40.

I laughed at your wanting to kiss your knives. Just use caution.

Thanks for sharing the term FIRL with me. I feel so hip as to Internet Lingo, now. I am determined to be your FIRL one day soon.

Don't worry...I think you look beautiful. Truly...I am sure all of the students at BYU hope to look as great as you when they have 5 kids.

We went to the orthodontist with Evan the other day and the Doctor had him fill out an information sheet about himself. One of the questions was, "Where do you want to attend college?" He put, BYU first and then Virginia Tech. It actually made me really happy. I want all of my kids to have a college experience around a lot of members.

Lauren in GA said...

Uh...that was a really looooong comment. Even for me...

J'net said...

Thanx 4 the update so I can stop asking about Dorrie info... CONGRATS to her on the HONEYMOON location!
WE LOVE Stan's TOO! Go there every time we visit for
the milkshakes n fry sauce, makes us BETTER mormons!!!

Tristan said...

I've decided I just need to do a summer summary. I'm so far behind on blogging!

I loved reading your summary!

Anonymous said...


heidi said...

i love the whole byu campus picture. the yellow. the hair. the sunglasses. the attitude. we would be frils.
ps-yesterday i had to look up ootd. thanks for keeping me updated.

Adrianne said...

You forgot to mention that I finally moved back from ARgentina and we were both in Utah at the same time and due to terribly packed schedules, we hardly got to see each other at all. But at least it was something!

Will you remind me of all these summer scheduling alternatives when my kids are older please? I'll forget them.

elizabeth scott said...

That was fun to get a glimps of your mom's wedding! She is a beautiful woman! Thanks for making time to come visit us! We love our Romney cousins!

Tammy said...

I love that everyone ran the race, nice work Romneys! 36 is not old at all, its a silly number and my favorite part is feeling like I make 36 look gooooood. HA! You are beautiful and youthful and fabulous. I sent you the birthday box way early but I can see you're enjoying the clothes so I am stoked! Your kids are gorgeous. Utah looked fun. Your brother Sam is so cute, its crazy that he is a man now! GEEEZ. So happy for your mom. She looks the same, good genes. Well happy to hear you had a good July.. Miss you. Come to SF!