Saturday, August 14, 2010

In case you missed it and aren’t an orthopedic surgeon:

When Seth got his cast off a week ago, Ryan was toiling away at his day-job.  Thanks to Mr. Iphone, we sent him play by play pictures of the deed.  Here, for posterity, is a photo journal of the process.  (Watch out for the one with the HUGE pins coming out of his arm…)  We’ll tell it from Seth’s point of view:

Yay!  I’m getting my cast off:


Oh, ha ha!  This kind of tickles and this nurse is awesome with kids my age:


Um…I’m starting to get slightly nervous as the nurse applies pressure on my weak, little arm in order to unstick the cast and gauze:


Ew.  This sickly little pasty thing doesn’t look ready to function in my rough and tumble world! 


I’m really, really nervous about moving this thing at all.  Can’t you guys see these huge piece of metal sticking out of my elbow!?


After insisting that they wrap it and whimpering all the way to X-ray, this lemon lollipop is making me feel alot better.


He’s going to WHAT?!  Just yank the things out, in broad daylight, with no pain killers?!  I’m glad the nurses were amazingly sweet and comforting.


They said it didn’t hurt, but I’m crying pretty hard.  Can I have another lemon lollipop?


After recovering for a few minutes, I think I’m able to totter out of the office.  I’m going to hang on to this thing pretty consistently for the rest of the day, I think.  Hey!  Why does Faith get a lollipop?  I didn’t see her getting stuff pulled out of HER arm!


Arm, what arm?!  Pins, what pins?!  I’m just happy to be swimming the very next day!



Abbie said...

My favorite is "elbowl", the 2nd to last picture of the cute legs around Faith with Seth's cute "I've had a hard day" hair. All the Romneys in the office together.

Bekah said...

Ah, that kid! He is so stinkin cute! Give hims hugs and kisses from his aunt! Congrats Seth!

Alison said...

Oh you poor mom! Kids forget these things, but the mom has it burned into her memory forever. My Lucy had the broken arm fun last year and I'm still not over it! Glad you have lollipops and a pool.

Tristan said...

How traumatic for him ;-) Glad he survived and is back to having fun swimming!

Cami said...

Oh Seth. I think we all know why Faith got a lollipop.

I liked the photo review.

Erin said...

Eeeewwwww. I totally remember when I got my first cast off. And this post gave me those heebie jeebies all over again. Poor Seth.

Robin said...

The picture of him standing, sucker in mouth, holding his arm, and his little legs going into his big feet - oh, that made me laugh for some reason! Glad he is back to normal.

Zaundra and Grant said...

Tell Seth he is SO TOUGH! I seriously wanted to pass out just looking at those pictures. Some mom I will be, my children will have to fend for themselves. Wish I was meeting you guys in Cali!

Jill said...

I'm a nurse and that even got me a little queesy. What a tough kid!!

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Lauren in GA said...

Aaaack!! I missed this post!!

Bless his cotton socks. That pin removal looked so scary.

I love the way you retold the whole story. My favorite was his concern about having that pin yanked out, "in broad daylight". I agree with you did seem criminal.

Glad he was able to swim. He is the picture of health in that photo ☺.