Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorites

My kids are COMPLETELY driving me bonkers right now.  I just sent them to bed and told them: “You can stay up as long as you like as long as I never see you again.”  Which is why this post that I’ve been planning is a little ironic:

Favorite things about my kids right now


Emma and Gabe:

waking up at 6:15 (even thought it’s summer time),

dressing in running clothes and going for brother-sister jogs.

Picture 148


saying, every time she falls down (or bonks her head, or bangs her elbow—

hello awkward growth spurt) without any questions from us: “I’m okay!!”

Picture 199


adding 3+4 (or any other combination) by bouncing his fingers against his chin. 

See following picture.


Picture 166


besides being so much better (post to follow),

saying the supposedly polite word “Pease (please)” over and over and over again in an extremely loud and un-polite voice. 

Ex: “pease, moob (move) Emma!”,  “pease all done, Mom!”, “pease pone (phone), Dad!”

Ftutu2 Ftutu


But, really, my Friday Favorite will be whichever kid stays far, far away from me until about 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.  Just telling it like it is.


♥Shally said...

What? I am shocked because my kids NEVER bug me.

Never ever.

(I threw away three board games the other day while having a complete fit about how they lose every single dang stinkin' piece to everything. I may have said something to the effect of NEVER buying toys for them again. Plus I may have threatened to throw away all their existing toys.)

I am such a good mom...

Annemarie said...

So glad I'm not the only one feeling like that today :)

I locked myself in my bedroom today. I needed a time out.

Lauren in GA said...

I can see why those things are favorites of yours. I am totally impressed with the brother and sister jogs.

Jane is so funny. I am glad she expresses that she is okay immediately.

Shirley said...

I love that I still feel connected to you when I can feel every emotion you have towards kids. Total an undying love for each of them and the "I don't want to see you for a LONG while" moments. Thanks for sharing. Your kids are truly amazing and HILARIOUS. Bryson (Seth's counterpart) does the finger counting too and touches his fingers to his lips. HILARIOUS!!!

the wrath of khandrea said...

riding the parenting roller coaster with YOU is by far my favorite part of the journey.

Amy said...

There must have been something in the air last night. My kids were bugging me so bad, I called my husband on the phone and after he answered I said, "Please tell me you are on your way home because I'm going to ring these kids necks or throw myself out the window!" I can honestly say I've NEVER been so desperate. It was BAD. I'm glad it wasn't just me. He picked them up, took them to dinner and the park and only returned home when they were all asleep in the car.

Looking forward to hearing a Faith update! :)

Lisa-Marie said...

your kids are adorable. and i love the things that you love about them. so sweet.

and i might have said today (ten times)the 1st day of school could not come soon enough.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Grandma Cathryn said...

That makes me laugh. I used to require my children to refer to me as 'Cathryn' rather than 'mom' if they kept getting up after bedtime on those kind of days. I'd remind them my shift as 'mom' was OVER!!! Love ya, Auntie Cathryn

Elizabeth said...

The brother sister jogs are the best thing Ive ever heard. I'm hoping the brilliant side effect is they are too worn out to argue and fight.

Gabi said...

My Sam does the same "I'm ok!" or "Whoops! Didn't see that comin'!" I love when kids can comfort themselves.

calibosmom said...

I say, "I don't want to see you until tomorrow morning." Of course followed by a kiss and a tuck in-so I don't feel totally guilty for saying something so mean. Also, on really bad days they are not allowed to call me mom after bedtime. We are strictly on a first name basis after 8pm.
We also get the "nothing broke" response after a crash sound. I appreciate them trying to reassure me.

Tammy said...

See the Romneys in SF!

Nortorious said...

Cute tutu Faith.
And yes, I used smart balance and sucralose (75%, 25% reg sugar) in those cookies the other day. And then I ate like ten of them because I pretended they were low fat.