Friday, June 18, 2010

The reasons I have cried 8 times in the last 24 hours


1.  Because I talked to Jane’s wonderful teacher (seen below hugging Jane) about her husband’s cancer return.

Picture 061

2.  Because I hugged my friend Stacey (of the Roll Post) good-bye for the last time.

Picture 006

3.  Because the weather stinks so bad.  (Okay, I actually didn’t cry about this, but I’d complained about it so much that when I called Ryan to tell him about Jane’s teacher and started crying, he thought it was because of the weather.)

4.  Because Faith threw another one of her 45 minute-wads-of-ripped-out-hair-throwing-up-on-herself tantrums (because I wouldn’t let her eat a friend’s daughter’s big old chocolate bar) and it is so stressful listening to your daughter scream and scream and scream.

Picture 018 Picture 020

5.  Because Faith’s tantrum made me miss Emma’s award assembly.  (I kept trying to go in but Faith would NOT stop screaming, so I walked around the school with a flipping-out one year old in my arms while they called Emma’s name).

6.  Because Emma was sweet and understanding about me missing it (AND because she’s such a good girl to win that citizenship award).


7.  Because the whole school lines up and slaps hands with the “graduating” Fifth Graders as they leave the school for the last time.

LastDay1 LastDay2

8.  Because it’s the last day of school.  And we all know those are happy tears and sad tears.


Hollyween said...

You sound like me. There seems to be at least one event that makes me cry EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And yeah, sometimes when the weather sucks so does everything else. It's amazing what sunshine and warmth can do.

I'm so sorry to hear about Emma's teacher's husband's cancer returning. There's a lot of that 'returning' stuff going around lately and it scares me to death.

Here's to next week!

Hollyween said...

Sorry. I meant to say 'Jane's teacher'. Not Emma's... But Congrats to Emma too

Laurie said...

And is all this crying somehow related to hormones too? You're not preggers, are you? Because that'd be another reason . . . ;)

Tristan said...

What an emotional 24 hours. Congrats to Emma! That is fantastic!

J'net said...

WHERE r u in Washington exactly? I will come hold Faith next time so u can go inside! Maybe it is time 4 a MOMMY night out w/ the DADDY n all the little tear causers stay home? Last day of school was always hard emotionally, BUT alas, u get ALL summer to get ready 4 the FIRST day of school n THOSE tears!!!
Keep crying 'cuz those kidlets just keep growing up!!
Aloha, A. J'net
PS it rained ALL the time we were up there in Seaside n that wasn't fun... Ocean n sun r my favorite! Joel, Jenna's love, thought I wined too much about it?

Abbie said...

And you miss your favorite cousin.

I thought fifth babies were supposed to be easy.

Go Emma!

Lauren in GA said...

I think I would cry for all of the same reasons, Jessica...especially the cancer. I'm so sorry.

Well, I might add to my list of things to cry over the fact that I couldn't eat that big old chocolate bar, either.

Yay, Emma!! Great job to her for getting the citizenship award. That is so wonderful. I am so sorry you missed it.

Oy, that hand slap ceremony totally would have done me in.

AMY said...

It's amazing how the weather can affect you. Mike thinks I have Sun Downers Disease, but that mine last all day when it's cloudy or raining.
Bring on the sunshine... and summer vacays!

Tessa said...

Jessica, your post almost made me cry. It's so tough having the kiddos grow up so quickly. That good-bye ceremony was precious.
Anytime you need a "Faith break", I'm here and happy to help :)

Elizabeth said...

I would cry too if that happened! Especially the tantrum ;-)
Im sorry to hear about the cancer and your friend going.

Tammy said...

I love your sensitivity. It makes you, you!