Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty Much Perfect

Ingredients to a perfect afternoon?

1.  Friends to talk  (and talk and talk) to.

2.  Learning how to bake Stacey’s Famous Rolls.

3.  Perfectly behaving kids.

4.  Eating Stacey’s Famous Rolls (and I do mean rolls—plural. Extra plural.)

5.  Feeding the family said Rolls (what remained of them) and Campbell’s Tomato soup for dinner.

6.  A sunny late afternoon spent reading because I didn’t have any dinner to clean up.

Picture 006 

Numbers 1-6 happened yesterday.  I think I’ll just sit and here and savor the memory (because there certainly aren’t any rolls left...)


Tristan said...

Totally sounds perfect!! You should get the rolls recipe and share it please ;-)

Jeanelle said...

I'm with Tristan -- give up the recipe! Rolls are my nemesis and I'm always in search of the perfect recipe.

Lindsay said...

So fun! Love to catch up on the blog....your kids are delicious, especially the best tantrumer around.

J'net said...

LOVE when people can make GREAT rolls!!
SOMETIMES the yumminess comes thru on the blog! THANX!

Lauren in GA said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, sounds delightful.

Your friends are super cute :)

Anonymous said...

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Lauralee said...

could you email me? I need penny's phone number.... I have lost it.
phraseworthy at gmail dot com
thank you!
and totally post that roll recipe... or maybe not if it is that good!

Tessa said...

that does sound perfect and those rolls look good!! Fun day :)

jessica said...

I CAN NOT believe you did this without me!!!!!! I forgot to ask you and Meg about setting a date to do this last week at our lunch. You ladies are in huge trouble! Seriously...I expect a batch from each of you in the next couple of weeks!