Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The last few weeks

Here we go:


Picture 097

is the worst tantrum-er I’ve ever had, or seen for that matter.  I won’t detail the last few days, because I don’t want to revisit them, but for posterity (specifically Faith’s children):  SHE IS THE MOST STRONG WILLED CHILD I HAVE EVER HAD.

is IN NURSERY!  That was me doing the jump where you click your heels together on the way back down the hall.  She didn’t cry a single tear (because she only cries when she’s not getting exactly what she wants and nursery, with all its toys and great leaders and kids, is apparently what she wants.) 

is speaking in sentences:  “Go side! (outside)” and “Book Fall” and “Dad bye, bye”.  She’s insanely smart and verbal.

is happy to read books for 11.5 hours a day.  Don’t even start if you come over because she’ll never, EVER let you stop.



Picture 040

is reading.  I’ve never had a child read before kindergarten.  This is why I’m sending him to kindergarten even though he’ll only be 5 and 9 days old when school starts. 

is tying his shoes!  I did one teaching session and the next day, put him in the car with his shoes in his hands and told him I’d tie them when we got to the store.  I went to get him out and they were tied.  Well.

Picture 103

lost his Sharing bag and cried his eyes out, because he had glitter balls (explanatory post to follow) to share.  Gabe found it and I have never seen a happier 4 year old.

Picture 024

joined Jane in the elementary school’s backward day.  He wore his clothes backward until bedtime.  He look ridiculous.



Picture 046

also cries all the time.  What am I doing wrong?

is also smart.  She LOVES LOVES LOVES school and is reading on a 3rd grade level and aces her math everything. 

Picture 020

got out the sprinkler on our one 80 degree day a few weeks ago.  Faith joined her.

is DYING to be made Family Star of the Week and I even planned to give her the award this last Sunday (for a really sweet, self-initiated, humble apology to a neighbor girl she had been mean to), but she came up to me on Sunday and said, “Mom?  I think you should give Dad the Star of the Week, today.”  (Stay tuned to find out why.)



 Picture 060

has struggled with mornings, completely jobs in any decent manner and being honest about those things.  We came up with the idea to give him all of the “After dinner jobs”.  He’s in one area, NOT in the morning and his performance is easily monitored.  It takes him 30-60 minutes to sweep, clear the table and load the dishwasher but he does it.  I’m pretty proud of him.  Plus, he’s been on time for the bus every day for 2 weeks straight.

ran 4.5 miles in 45 minutes for his school’s after school running program.  He left me the cutest note asking to run with me some days.  Like I’d say no to that.

Picture 022

received his Bear badge at Scouts.

LOVES his teacher.  Mr. Olsen is the best and Gabe comes home excited about what they are learning every day.  They picked Wax Museum people and he got Dale Chihuly.  He said “No one else wanted him, Mom!”  Can you tell whose mother was a Humanities major?  And went to a Chihuly exhibit last year?

is saving his little heart out for….a trumpet!  (?)  Mr.Olsen plays the trumpet as does Cool Older Cousin, Austin, so that’s what Gabe is dying to do.



Picture 002

was as excited as the rest of us to receive 4 free tickets from Ryan’s co-worker to go to the Little House on the Prairie musical.  She, along with Gabe, Jane and Mom, had a great time.

was complimented by my neighbor for her help.  Laura was hosting book club and needed someone to come do the vacuuming, table setting, etc.  The next time we saw each other she raved about how incredibly helpful and enjoyable and interesting to talk to Emma was.  Emma’s kind of a gem.

was given the responsibility of setting her own alarm for her early morning violin class.  Sleeping in: 4, violin class: 2.



Picture 065

found out he doesn’t need to take the GMAT to officially apply to his MBA program (they’ve changed their policy and will accept the GRE he took a few years ago.  For his OTHER master’s degree).  So…the last 3 months of studying?  Pointless.

was put in the Bishopric last week.  You don’t need to leave me consoling comments, wondering how in the heck he’s going to go to school, work, city council, church and be a father and husband.  You can if you want, actually, but we DO believe that callings bring a) Miracles and b)Blessings.


wants to train for a marathon every single week of her life.  Her knees feel differently.  (MAY 15!!!!)

is trying to love this aging face and body (Seth asked me yesterday: “Why does your skin crack by your eyes, Mom?”  That’s what I want to know, buddy.)

The whole family

Picture 030

enjoyed a visit from Grandma Dorrie and her fiancé Rick.  We love showing off the hikes, desserts, gardens and crazy weather Spokane has to offer.

Picture 107

had the best time with Grandma and Grandpa Nut, when they sweetly came up last weekend to participate in Ryan’s High Priest Ordination and calling.  We had a blissful, spiritual time with them.  Thanks, also, to Uncle Doug, Aunt Marcy, Alex, Heather and Kevin for being part of a sweet day.

Picture 083   KidsEaster Picture 081

can’t take a decent Easter picture to save their lives.


Phew.  Done.


Abbie said...

Why am I just finding out that Auntie Dorrie is engaged?!?! Hello! I'm not dead, I just live on the other side of the country! Outburst. Pardon.

I love your family and I want to be just like you when I grow up.

PS feel the same way about callings. Just got one that requires more time and I'm feeling the blessings already.

Tristan said...

I love the Easter photos! So funny! Their outfits were so cute!

Congrats and condolences to Ryan's new calling ;-) I'm sure he'll be great!

Erin said...

I second what Abbie said. ENGAGED?!! What?!!

Can't wait to hear all about your marathon. Mine is next month! Spencer says he and the kids are making a sign (well, several) to hold up along that way that says "Don't Poop!". Nice. Feel free to ask your hubby and kids to do the same for you. Or are they, perhaps, more mature than mine?? Ha ha.

Cami said...

This whole post gave me a smile.

Congrats to your mom. I think she's quite a catch.

Kiley said...

YAY for nursery! I saw Ryan on Sunday and he said it was the big day. Such a great day :). Congrats on the new calling... Jarom was just released from his (YM) and I don't think he's quite figured out what to do with himself. Let me know know how your Turkey Noodle Soup turnse out. Sounds yummy! They my have been rutabagas, but I think rutabagas are more yellowy??? I kept things easy and made this recipe ( because we got the yummy red potatoes too :) and added roasted garlic - it was DELISH! The turnips kinda tasted like cauliflower to me. Loved trying something new!

Elizabeth said...

Your family is amazing... I could say your kids are so smart , your husband must be a very good person to be so valued in your church,you are a champ for training for a marathon and you have great taste in Easter outfits. But I will just sum it up with your family is amazing.
PS I realise that amazing = lots of good parenting and hard work within the family unit ;-)

Ashley said...

Ok, Seth's poses in the Easter pictures are my all time favorites. Seriously. I love that kid.

Jeanelle said...

Your husband will find a way to get it all done because hello, he's Ryan (saying it like I know him so well when I'm only a blog stalker.) But the extra blessings will be awesome. maybe they'll manifest in tantrum-free/tear free children??? And less cracks around your eyes?? And a blissfully pain free marathon??? Love your updates.

Todd said...

Isn't motherhood exhausting and wonderful all at the same time! That is exciting about your mom's engagement (I hope :)) and Ryan's new calling. Just when you think you've got a handle on life it's time to grow in new ways. I love reading your blog even though it makes me miss old friends. I wish we were enjoying chaos in the same town!

Brooke said...

That was alot of new news for me. Congrats to Ryan, I guess that's what you say or maybe well done or something like that. Congrats to Dorrie. And great job all you Romneys. I love and miss you all, love, Brooke

Margaret said...

I'm super impressed you got your boys to wear pink (or was that peach) and that they attempted to take a picture.

I agree. Having a husband in the bishopric does bring blessings!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i totally love your kids.

Karen said...

It was a wonderful weekend, wasn't it? Thank you for everything!!

Lauren in GA said...

I can mentally see you jumping up in the air and clicking your heels after dropping off Faith.

Your kids are all so smart. That is so great that Seth is reading and that Jane is reading on a 3rd grade level.

Jane is such a sweetheart. It is hard to apologize...and then she wanted to give Star of the Week to Ryan...such a good girl.

Yeah, my skin cracks by my eyes, too. I loved your comment of, "That's what I want to know, buddy."

Congrats to your beautiful Mom!! How exciting!!

I know Ryan will do great with his new calling.

Rochelleht said...

Honestly, the bishopric doesn't take that much time. It's all hype. I mean, it does, but it's not bad. at all.

You guys are the dang cutest family on the planet. I know you know this, but it's true.

I put your strong willed Faith up against my strong willed Grace, and we'll see if either of them can live up to their names!!

Christie said...

I think your family is awesome. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, PLEASE MOVE HERE AND BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND?! PLEASE??!!! I really think we would get along. And our kids would be BFFs, too. And we could bake ourselves sick, sister.

Do it.

Bethany said...

that was great! I feel fully caught up on your life. Glad to know everyone hasn't changed...too much. Good luck next Saturday!

Jenibelle said...

Seth is adorable and a total hoot-love him!!!

You will survive all that you are asked to do, I have total faith in you.

Laura Alvord said...

Your family is so cute. Just so you can give yourself a pat on the back...Dave ordered some Book of Mormon and Bible books to start reading to our kids at bedtime. I asked him if it was because he wanted our kids to be like the Romney kids (Emma used to know every picture I would show her when I taught her in Primary, some of them I didn't even know) and he said, "Pretty much!" You are still a legend around here.