Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We’re having a ball

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In case you were wondering…Glitter Balls are the New Big Thing at my kids’ elementary school.  Since I’m sure you are all SO interested in what excites the 3-12 year old set in the Inland Northwest, let me tell you about them.

Picture 011

How to procure one:

1.  Get your big 11 year old self on a bike, with your newly earned babysitting money, and go with your cousin to the local grocery store and be the first big Glitter Ball Owner. (Emma)

2.  Have the parent go out and just buy you one because you want it.  (Yeah, right.  NOT how we roll in the Romney house.)

3.  Save your money and hound your parents all night until they take you to the local big chain drugstore and let you buy one.  (Jane, Seth)

4.  Wait till Grandma comes into town and sucker her into buying your first one (Faith), your second one (Seth) or your first AND second one (Gabe:  the newly popular mini balls).


How to play with one:

1.  Lose the Glitter Ball.

2.  Cry.

3.  Ask people, mostly your mom, 2042 times if they’ve “seen my Glitter Ball? wah, wah, wah!”

4.  EITHER:  Find one of your siblings playing with it, fight about it for a while

     OR:  Have mom find it in your backpack, the car, the drainage area, the slipper basket,etc.           

5.  Upon finding your Glitter Ball, cheer loudly.

6.  Quickly:  Lose the Glitter Ball again.

As you can see: SO MUCH FUN!  Rush right out and be the first to start the trend in your neck of the woods!


kara jayne said...

you pretty much described our same experience with said balls...last summer.

Cami said...

According to Kara here, you're behind the times. LOL

Right now with my kids, it's the one bag of Christmas teddy bears from my aunts basement that I forgot to put out with the yard sale last Saturday.

The drama that we've had over them in the last four days has hopefully taught me my lesson.

Christie said...

Ugh. Same story at our house only it's with yo-yo's. Stupid easter bunny and her gifts. CURSING little toys.

J'net said...

ACTUALLY, I HAVE a pink glitter ball sitting on my night stand BY my bed... Couldn't put it back down while standing in the Old Navy line...? Guess the line was TOO long BUT LOVE the swirling it does! NO, will NOT send it home w/ ANY of my darling grandones...
WOULD buy them one IF they come to visit!!!
Latest collectible here are the colorful bracelets in animal/dinosaur/auto shapes that colorfully decorate the kids arms n fall back into shape when taken off.
DO U want me to bring u some when we come up w/ Jenna's clothes buckets, SINCE she's moved up ur way??

Tristan said...

Oh the glitter balls! They are big here too and we always loose them as well. They usually turn up at some point. Lucky us as parents right? ;-)

Tessa said...

I like how Faith operates.. I should try that :)-

Randi said...

i hate the glitter balls. just leads to all wah wah wah.

♥Shally said...

Yep. Last summer EVERY SINGLE CHILD in our neighborhood had one.

We had to write the kids names in permanent marker so that when we went to the park none would get mixed up.

Now they are all lost and no one cares. Guess you have that to look forward to! :)

Tammy said...

Really? are they soft or hard? they look cute but not THAT exciting!

the wrath of khandrea said...

keola just bought one for a girl's bday party last weekend. he played with it so much in the 24 hours before actually gifting it, that it no longer looked new. what gives??

jessica said...

Eden's had one since last August and now it is lost and it's killing her...I hate glitter balls!

Gabi said...

These have not yet reached the East Coast. However, sillybandz and bokugan seem to fill the same niche.

Madeline said...

Ohmygosh...this made me laugh out loud...we don't have glitter balls YET...but as you know...you can sub "xyz" for glitter balls! :)

Lauren in GA said...

I agree with Gabi...I haven't seen them on the east coast...yet. Since I have never heard of Glitter Balls... I truly appreciate this post so I will know how to properly procure, and play with them. You are hilarious.

So, do you have sillybandz out west yet? They are rubber bands that come in shapes, i.e. owls, swords, dogs, and you wear them on your wrist..and fight over them/trade them, etc.

...they are driving me to drink.

but, I think they may be easier to deal with than the balls because you can at least wrap them around your wrist so you don't lose them...as quickly.

Penny said...

I LOVE this post. Real life is very comical, isn't it? Well, maybe not IN the moment but later when reading the post in your blog book. ;)

Adam said...

Wonderful...so I have YOU to thank (NOT) for introducing glitter balls to Owen, who has been obsessed with them...