Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A May summary (also known as “dancing through the rain”)

This is what my camera says we did last month:

I made these AMAZING fish tacos for Cinco De Mayo.  (I have to take a picture because unlike others’ hobbies, I have nothing to show—other than my thighs—from my efforts).  I truly love to cook and it was one of those nice days where the kids were otherwise occupied and I got to just prepare everything from scratch and it turned out wonderfully.  (If you follow the link and make them, you HAVE to add the mango pico de gallo that it mentions.)

Picture 005

This is a picture of Faith’s injury.  Notice how it’s ONE INCH from her eye.  She was outside with Emma and was holding some long pokey thing and slipped and jabbed it into her forehead.  Our nice friend, Jared, who is a dermatologist, drove back to his office and got some suturing instruments and we performed surgery on our ottoman.  The scar is fading because he did an amazing job.


Picture 012

Gabe got to go on a field trip where they learn valuable skills such as how to turn cream into butter while dancing your head off.


Faith has decided she doesn’t like nursery after all and is throwing her famous fits when we attempt to drop her off.  Luckily, neither of us can really take her during nursery hours, so she basically has to learn to deal with it.  This picture was taken by Jessica A. —notice she’s not crying?  That’s cause Jessica asked her about her shoes and there is little in life Faith loves more than discussing her shoes.


Seth graduated from his preschool.  Please note a few things:  1) his winter coat over his Hawaiian themed attire. (aah! Spokane in May!) It dumped rain during the entire program.  2)  the pirate patch which was positioned for a Cyclops AND had shimmied it’s way down to completely shut his eyelid during the pirate song.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that between the slow hip circle dance and the eye patch, he had 2/3 of the adults in attendance doubled over in laughter.  It was the funniest thing that happened all month.  Not kidding.

Picture 055

Most of the preschool carpool:

Picture 070

Jane got to do her 1st grade music program.  I’ve really figured out that the key to decent pictures is to send Emma up to the front of the audience with the camera.  She sits on the floor and photographs while I enjoy the music in the back.  Jane was really getting her groove on throughout most the program.  (Continuing the Dancing Romneys theme we seem to have going here.)

Picture 094 

Further enjoying the Rainiest May in History, we got to accompany Jane on Freedom Day.  Here is a picture of her butterfly, Isabelle, before she flew the coop (to mix metaphors a little). 


This is a picture of Ryan at his FIRST CONCERT EVER!  For Mother’s Day, Ryan gave me (okay I called him up and ordered him to purchase) tickets to the BareNaked Ladies concert.  It was so fun.  A little different from the last concert (Nirvana?), I attended in that  a)everyone stayed in their seat  b)the median age was 35 and c)the group threw in some songs from their kids album.


More fun for the grownups at our house:  A Cinco (Ocho) De Mayo party where Ryan drew on his Hayward upbringing to perfectly portray 60% of the males he went to school with.  Please note the ironed crease in his t-shirt.  He wants to make sure everyone appreciates his attention to detail.


We also had the annual piano recital.  All the kids participated but I’m only putting Emma in because she has gotten no other love in the post. 

Picture 118

And last, but not least, the birthday party—organized and executed by the cheap creative one in the family.  Here he is decorating the awesome cake:

Picture 123

It was an Almost Slumber party—as you can clearly see:

Picture 125

We had ghost stories,

Picture 128

breakfast for dinner

Picture 133

a “Sleeping Beauty” game that got derailed by, none other than

Picture 140

a Dancing Romney

Picture 141

Here are all the cute party goers:

Picture 144

I’d say Ryan hires out, but he’s a teensy bit busy these days. 

I CAN send a Dancing Romney your way, however, should you be needing some distraction in your neck of the woods.


mandy* said...

The birthday cake is awesome!!!! I think I'm going to try to recreate it just for me to eat.

Jeanelle said...

Oh I just smiled/laughed my way through your summary. No video of Seth's dance??? And that cake is AWESOME! So darling. Are the sleeping bags made out of twinkies?

Ryan, I'm sorry but you're too white to pull off that look but nice effort, ese.

Brigitta said...

Loving the sleepover birthday cake....

Rochelleht said...

Once again, you guys rock. The cake is awesome!!!

Tristan said...

What a fun month! The cake is cute! The kids are cute! Love that Faith likes to talk about her shoes!! That is so awesome!

Heather said...

I love that Ryan wore the same shirt for his hey pato cinco shirt and for the concert.! So fun!

Lauren in GA said...

I remember surgery being performed on our kitchen table when I was a kid. Luckily, I didn't happen to be the patient. I am so happy for you that her scar is fading nicely.

I declare, you are raising that child right...a true lady puts aside her distress to discuss her footwear.

I can only imagine the hilarity of Seth performing with his pirate patch/Cyclops eye shut. He looks so happy in the preschool carpool picture. Some of the other friends are making a valiant effort to look happy. It seems happiness comes naturally to Seth. He is a true joy boy. I love it.

Uh, did Gabe know he was being watched?

Emma looks so beautiful. By the way, I want a pair of those cute flats she's wearing.

Elizabeth said...

That cake is the bomb! As is the picture from the piano recital (so pretty).
Excellent news that you got to go to a concert with the hubs.

Ilene said...

Laura kept herself occupied on the flight back from Chicago pointing out everyone's shoes. Is this a girl gene?

I told Dan I would make him fish for Father's Day since I never make it. Those fish tacos look inspirational...

Leslie S said...

I am an official blog stalker and I wanted to come out of the closet today to let you know you make me laugh. Thank you.

You make raising a family fun - and that's what it should be.

Here's to some more dancing...

the wrath of khandrea said...

i loved everything about this post.
1. i just made a similar mango pico to go with some spicy sczzechhhoowann chicken i made. but now i want the fish tacos instead. mmmmm....
2. seth is seriously the kind of kid i want a classroom full of. he slays me.
3. i love the bday cake, cholo...

bloggingchristy said...

This looks like so much fun! Great idea, I might use it. We'll put Ryan's talents to good use when he gets down here :)

Rockin Chicks said...

Luv it all

Christie said...

You are really funny. Not many people can turn their kids' recitals and birthday parties into fodder this entertaining and fun to read. Well done there, you.

Adrianne said...

Are you sure Ryan doesn't hire out? I have Gabe's bday on Saturday... and seriously, if you find Mario a job we'll move to Spokane. I want to be your neighbor.

Tessa said...

This just made me smile. Loving the Seth cyclops patch, skirt, and the Dancing Romneys :) That cake is too cute!!

G and G Nut said...

I need one of those Dancing Romneys for sure!! When will he/she/they arrive???

Bethany said...

Pack it in! You guys are always having so much fun. I love the cinco de mayo party- and I will try those fish tacos. It's the BEEEST (-Nacho Libre)!

AMY said...

Could you long distance Ryan to UT? I could use a LOT of distraction these very long days living with the in-laws :)