Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Spring Break was actually fun

Strikes against Spring Break this year:

1.  First time in years we didn’t have a trip to Utah planned

2.  Rain and snow predicted all week

3.  The Big Bad Budget made planning outings for 5-7 people a little tough

So, I needed a plan.  (Everything’s right in JessicaLand when there is a plan).  I executed the plan pretty well and, all in all, we had a lovely week.

Monday was Friend/Game Day.  Here are the kids with the Hunters and there 3.5 hour Monopoly game. 

Picture 151

Tuesday was Craft Day (which is big for me, considering that loathing I feel for crafts).

Picture 155 

Picture 160

Picture 172

Picture 179

We mostly just dyed Easter Eggs, but I was prepared with paper and yarn crafts, as well.

Wednesday was Lunch at Costco Day. 


It was also Friend-Whose-Husband-Owns-The-Local-Football-Team-Invites-Us-To-Run-Around-Like-Sweaty-Crazies-In-Their-Indoor-Practice-Field-With-Half-Of-The-Moms-I-Know Day, but I forgot to take pictures.

Thursday was the Hike Day. 


Ryan’s dream for as long as we’ve been married is for me to let him take some days off and JUST STAY HOME.  (I’m such a traveler that I always make him used Vacation Time to go on trips).  So that’s what he did.  He took Thursday and Friday off and we hiked the 7 mile loop by the lake near our house. 

Picture 186

SETH WALKED EVERY STEP.  Is he awesome or what? 

Picture 193

This was one of the moments that you think will happen all the time when you dream about motherhood, but in real life it only happens every magical once in a while. 


Picture 199

The kids were cheerful, the weather was good, we talked and laughed, picnicked and got lost in the mud, sang and accomplished something. 

Picture 204

I got a little choked up, because it was perfect.

Friday was Swim Day


We used our  Christmas present from Uncle Sam (money toward a family outing) to go to the local indoor swimming facility and out to dinner.  Faith lah-hoved it!

Saturday was Easter Egg hunt day.  (These are pictures my friend’s husband took my kids.  What husband actually takes pictures, ESPECIALLY of someone else’s kid?!)



Ryan took the kids to the stake Easter Egg hunt where the weather was horrible, but the kids, of course, didn’t mind.

Sunday was Easter/Conference/dinner with the Daines Day.  No pictures, but lots of fun.

I was actually sad when it was over!  That never happens at the end of a vacation!  I’d tell you I hire out, but I have a feeling it has less to do with superior planning skills and more to do with luck. 


Tristan said...

I should have planned ours out better. Way to go! We did do some fun things as well but I didn't take photos either.

I loved hearing about the family hike!! I can't wait to do that here once all this freaking snow melts!

Erika said...

you let Faith dye Easter eggs? That picture of her in front of the dye made me nervous. Also, you look awfully young and fit in your hiking pictures. glad it was fun.

Carie said...

What a fantastic spring break. I love staying home for vacation! (We do it often since we are within driving distance of nothing terribly exciting.)

The hike was perfect. How beautiful!

the wrath of khandrea said...

you and i are cut from the same cloth. this was like our break last year, and i think i also shed a tear over the perfection of it.

Lauren in GA said...

I am so happy that you had such a lovely time!

I am cracking up at little Faith sitting up at the table with the big kids playing Monopoly.

Those Easter eggs are magnificent. I have never thought of putting them in a wisk. What a great idea! I love the paisley looking designs on your eggs. I am going to e-mail you and ask if you drew on them or if it was part of a kit.

Seth IS awesome!!

That picture at the pool totally captures Faith's glee over going swimming.

Elizabeth said...

We just had a school break and I wasn't too sad when it ended but I did take my children to the same place multiple times (the beach).
I love a plan too, my husband cant wait for one of my plans to be "stay on the couch for the day".

Paige said...

We had a fantastic stay home spring break too. I loved my kids and had fun with them everyday and it got me excited for the summer with them. It's definitely still a silver lining thing but there is nothing better than enjoying those little people. And the pictures with Ryan and all five kids makes me realize you have A LOT of kids.

We also started cousin camp. You should do it. All cousins get dropped off at one house 9-1 and the other moms get to go play or do whatever they want. The auntie with the kids plans fun fun things and it's cheap heaven for all.

Jeanelle said...

From a fellow planner, I have to say this was some kind of Fantastically executed plan. Way to make use of the resources you had and still give the kids (and you & Ryan) fun family memories. But what is the deal with the egg in the whisk? Is it to color it in a cool way or what? Come on crafty girl! Explain! :)

Adrianne said...

And all is right in the world when you can feed your whole family for under $10 at Costco!!

I know you're crouching a bit, but in the hiking picture Emma looks alarmingly close to the same height as you!

Abbie said...

I'll be honest, when I see most families with big kids I am not excited to have big kids. BUT when I see your family I get REALLY excited to have big kids.

brooke romney said...

Looks great! Way to get creative.

J'net said...

That looked like "Little House on the Prairie" EASTER VACATION!! It's SO nice when kids r old enough to move thru the day n NOT have to nap a couple of times n make the days STOP/START...
TOTALLY enjoy this magical time of life!! Pretty soon u'll be held CAPTIVE by sporting practices DURING vacation, UNLESS u r steering clear of that life changing commitment? We had basketball DOUBLE practices during FALL/WINTER vacations n volleyball during the spring season N synchronized swimming ALL summer, LOVED IT, but cramped the NON committed days of vacation!!? ALOHA!

Anonymous said...

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