Friday, April 16, 2010

A List

Annoying stuff about today:

1.  Wearing shorts for the first time and realizing I have Mom Legs (white, slightly thick, vein-y).

2.  Having a playdate at my house where 2 of the boys kept leaving out the third. 

3.  Faith not being able to decide if she wants to be ON or OFF of the trampoline.

4.  Leaving the last waffle cooking in the waffle maker for 30 minutes.

5.  Leaving my free cookie coupon at home on my lunch date with Ryan.

6.  Kids who think that getting the drink out of the cup with the straw requires tipping it upside down. 

7.  Seeing the first quote on the estimate of the car Ryan hit and thinking “oh, that’s not too bad” and then having the lady say, “No, there’s another page.”

8.  Coming home from the gym at 6:30 a.m., noticing the TV paused on “Arthur” (we have a no TV on school days rule), and then watching the Dishonesty Theatrics from the Morning TV Watcher:  (fake yawn) “Oh, hey…I just woke up.  I’m tired today.”


Good stuff about today:

1.  Noticing that I’m awesomer at “wall-sits” since I’ve started my marathon training, and, that despite the ZERO weight loss, my thighs look a teensy bit better than usual.

2.  The first really warm day here in Spokane, and the park day with friends that happened because of it.

3.  Lunch with Ryan. (We drove back home to get the cookie coupons.  Of course.)

4.  A nice yummy nap next to Seth.

5.  A new fun book to read: The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio.

6.  Our Friday jobs being done on Thursday, so everyone just gets to enjoy the beginning of the weekend.

7.  A babysitter hired for Faith tonight so that we can enjoy Gabe’s Math Tournament and the dessert after, sans 18 month old.

8.  Faith’s response when you ask her what a camel says.  “thpbthbpth!”

Picture 011


the wrath of khandrea said...

white, slightly thick legs. that is hilarious to me for some reason. probably because it's such great imagery. and my fave was the fake sleeper busted while tv watching on a school day. awesome.

Amy said...

Hi Jessica, It's Amy, your friendly neighborhood blog-stalker! (I promise I'm not crazy). We live in Pullman, WA (it's our first summer here), and well, it's a small town, so we head to "the city" of Spokane about every-other-weekend! I was wondering if you could direct us to some fun places to visit?

We've visited the temple and the Riverfront park, mall, the White Elephant toy store, etc. Any suggestions for parks or hikes or other attractions that might be fun for our crew? We've got a five, four and 7 month old.

I love to read your posts! Always a good laugh. Thanks. amy(dot)paulsen(at)

Lauren in GA said...

I love that picture of Faith. It reminds me of the Disney Movie Aladdin when the genie says, "Careful, they spit." about a camel.

Is it kind of sad that kids' movies are my only point of reference most days?

Don't answer that...

I am glad you went back to get your coupons. Being able to use coupons to acquire cookies is proof the world isn't doomed...despite the occasional earthquake...

Tristan said...

I think I have Mom legs. I blame it on my years of standing all day long doing hair. I have spider veins like cahrazy!

Gotta go home and get the free cookie coupons!! Otherwise what is the point of lunch? ;-)

Erin said...

Love the picture of Faith. Love that book too. I'll bet your wallsits kick A.

Paige said...

Love that book too! And playdates gone wrong are the absolute worst. They are supposed to make our lives easier. I have a rule my kids can't have playdates all on the same day as they all gang up on each other and form factions.

buddens said...

I love the waffle one. We do it every time. Not on purpose, but it's so regular it could be a ritual and it's simply referred to as the "sacrificial waffle" - a sort of penance to be paid for a morning of delicious indulgence.

Christie said...

Bwaahhh! Most excellent list. I am laughing WITH you though. Not at you.

Hollyween said...

I sort of enjoy catching my child in a lie so I can see how well they come out of it and it also proves that once again, I was right. But it makes me dissapointed all at the same time too.

Looking at your hike pictures make me want to go on a hike with my family too. That sounds awesome right now.

Tammy said...

Miss you!

Adrianne said...

yeah, just this weekend I was wondering to myself if I had hit the stage where I shouldn't go with bare legs to a semi-formal event as they're not so young, taut, tan, not-veiny as they used to be. so sad.

crystal said...

What's a wall-sit? Tell me! I need leaner legs.


U.G.L.Y., my veins ain't got no alibi...

crystal said...

And! At least the fake sleeper was caught watching Arthur, right? My 11-yr old Max gets up and sneaks "Lost" at 7am.

The booger.

Matthews Family said...

So funny. I enjoyed this post and need to do one like it too sometime. I'm really going to miss you on our Girl's Trip. You got my hopes all up.