Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Summary


On St. Patrick’s Day, Lucky the Leprechaun showed up AGAIN:

Picture 096

My kids look hammered in the picture AGAIN:

Picture 100

The Elf ears crack me up, AGAIN:

Picture 102

The Corned Beef looks disgusting, AGAIN (how do you make a lump of fatty beef look pretty, anyway?):

Picture 107

The kids would not cooperate for a picture, AGAIN:

Picture 117 Picture 118

(Can’t you just hear me: “I put all this work into this day and all I want is a simple picture!!  What, you really can’t just sit still and look at the camera for two seconds??”)

So I took matters into my own hands, AGAIN:

Picture 122


One Saturday, we also took a super long bike ride to this park, with cousin Mallory:

Picture 131 Picture 134

It took us about 1 hour to get to there, along the Centennial trail that starts about a mile from our house.  I was pulling Faith and Seth in the trailer.  On the way home, Ryan insisted on taking the bike with the trailer (I had been wanting it because I hadn’t made it to the gym that morning) and we made it home 15 minutes faster.  It was kind of embarrassing that he’s that much stronger than me. 


Faith stops whatever she is doing, like, 10 times a day, to fold her arms and yell out “Pahr!”  It’s silly.

Picture 142


We also had Pinewood Derby this month (the first pack meeting I haven’t been in charge of in 18 months, as I was released and called as primary pianist).

Picture 146

We realized that this little baby, a pre-cut kit purchased at Michaels:

Picture 147

weighed HALF of what it was supposed to weigh.  As you’ll notice in the picture above, Ryan spent quite a lot of the Derby re-gluing stacks of pennies to the car.

Picture 149

Gabe ended up winning second place, which may or may not be related to the fact that more and more pennies kept getting glued on without any accountability to the scale.  There are certain parents who have big issues with following game rules exactly and there are certain parents who don’t.  All let you guess which is which.


Emma finished the Book of Mormon in March, having read every page by herself.  We are so proud of her and that accomplishment that we actually implemented a new family award in order to bestow it on her.  (The Family Star gets a framed printed sheet of paper and the “special plate” at the awards dinner.  Look for it in summaries to come!)

Picture 029

She’s also discovered the Harry Potter series (NOT pictured above), which brings almost as much joy to this mother’s heart as her completion of the scriptures.  It’s a close second.


March’s summary is over, but we have a spring break and a first half of April summary coming up, so don’t be dismayed—an over-abundance of Romney family activities are on their way!


Lauren in GA said...

That is so, so, wonderful that Emma read the entire Book of Mormon by herself. What a wonderful accomplishment that is. Great job, Emma!

I love your summaries so very much.

I love that Faith is so prayerful. That picture is so adorable. Those little folded arms are the sweetest. (I am in love with the piggy tails, too.)

Congrats to Gabe on second place in the Pinewood Derby!! That is wonderful. I say add as many pennies as you need. Of course, it is big buisness around here...they have a scale that you have to weigh in on before every round and you aren't allowed to handle your car once the race starts. Oh, for pity sake.

You look adorable in your green, Jessica and so do your kids. I am glad we got to see you dressed up even though we didn't get to see you in the final picture.

Rochelleht said...

Ha! I felt the same way when Jane finished the B of M. And she is now starting Harry Potter as well and loves it. It's fun when they get the sense of accomplishment of reading a standard work by themselves. Jane has now read the D & C and is half way through the NT. Once they know they can do it, there are no limits.


Tessa said...

Jessica, your summaries are brilliant. I'm pretty sure I'm loving those ears... the picture is perfect! Thanks for sharing your fun stories. I love reading them.

Elizabeth said...

The ears are brilliant... but the pic that warms my frustrated mothering heart is the one where you are trying to get the kids to smile and all look in the one direction.
Thanks for sharing it.

慧珊雅俊 said...
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jessica said...

That Chinese guy is hacking into my comments too!

My favorite pics is of your kids looking hammered and you trying to get the kids to look at the camera.

C doesn't do sweet tricks like F He just throws things and screams.

Hollyween said...

Is it strange to say I'm a little scared of the pinewood derby thing? Apparently there was some huge scuffle in our ward about the 'rules' and one set of parents teamed against another and both sets left home angry. Pshaw! Ridiculous, right? It's for the KIDS, people!

Way to go on the summary. You always manage to make them entertaining and I really value all your holiday apparel and food effort because I have none.

But you know what I do have? That same green hermosa tshirt that you're wearing so I guess that's something.

Hollyween said...

Also, the chinese comment:
Care killed the cat? What the?


♥Shally said...

Okay, the picture of you with the kids totally cracked me up.

So real life.

I loved it.

I also loved that Faith prays like that! So cute.

G and G Nut said...

You Romneys are one very busy group! Emma deserves an amazing prize, Mom and Dad, for B of M completeion. And why do all Pinewood Derby pictures show dads doing the work?? Love the green, pointy ears on all you leprachauns.

Tristan said...

I love the updates! I should do them. Love all your photos and the stories that go with them. My favorite photo is the bed head one of the the kids. So cute!

Gabi said...

Your blog title is perfect because I love your posts about the "everyday"...Every day at your house seems really fun!

Cami said...

What an accomplishment for Emma (and her parents)!
Very cool.
Faith, so adorable.
Romney kids right after waking up? Ah, the rest of our kids are normal (and puffy), too.

Always love the summaries.
Have a great week!

Lisa-Marie said...

DO you hire out for summaries? I love your summaries.

March Madness at your house, looked like lots of fun, as always.

Carie said...

Your family is so cute.

Adrianne said...

I want Lucky to show up at my house. You deserve a prize as the parents that helped guide Emma to read the Bof M!

Randi said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that you admitted that Harry Potter is a close second to the BofM.

That was awesome.

Tammy said...

U are such an amazing mom. Please keep tips and notes for me someday....