Monday, February 1, 2010


I just finished my 5th Blurb book and realized that my favorite entries were actually the ones I thought the most boring when I posted them:  Summaries.  I want to to try to be better about doing weekly summaries (sorry!) which means I’m going to have to take more pictures, because I have no pictures for the last few weeks.


Family Reunion 2004 009

(getting ready for a run a few years ago.)

I think you got enough of me last week, but I did start my Marathon training program and I’m really excited.  I have never wanted to run a marathon, but always thought I should (because I’m a runner, and all that).  This year I just got really pumped about doing it.  I’m doing the Less is More Training approach and it’s been fun (hello.  It’s week one.)  May 15th is the marathon…it’s here in Spokane.  We’ll see how it goes.

I also wanted to include 2 movie recommendations:  “Raisin in the Sun” and “Adam”.  We loved both of them.


Family Reunion 2004 002

(Ryan, stretching with my brother Matt, for a run a few years ago.  Matt’s not running the Marathon, though he’s invited.)

He’s also training for the marathon, though not with me, as I am too slow.  He had a stomach flu last week (along with everyone else in family, except Jane) and he stayed home from work sick.  I think that is the first time in our entire marriage he’s missed a day of work due to illness.  Those Romney genes have major immunities.  He had a constituent call about a problem she is having with the city and he has gone to work figuring it all out.  I’m impressed with the honesty and effort he puts into the City Council.


Picture 037

(Meditation does wonders for your babysitting and school skills.  Not to mention your curling iron skills.)

She has actually figured how to do her hair almost as well as me.  I can even have her do Jane’s.  It has revolutionized my Sunday mornings.  She’s also babysitting for friends and neighbors like crazy (it helps to pay for the retainers she’s constantly losing!) and does a great job.  We have been so thrilled to see her homework, specifically in math, improve immensely. (She missed an entire month of screens due to poor homework skills).


Picture 066 

(what boring Sunday mornings do to you)

I taught Gabe how to dry and style his hair—when it’s long, it needs more than a comb.  Emma came downstairs the day after, saying:  “Um.  Do you know Gabe is using the blowdryer?  And MOUSSE?!”  He’s on the math team, which is so hard that we are really hoping the competition is fun, so he doesn’t swear off math forever.  He’s been having a hard-ish time at recess, since he doesn’t play ball sports so much, so we’ve been inviting classmates over for games and food.  I hope it’s making the friend thing easier…but there’s only so much you can do, you know?


Picture 005 

She gets to CHANGE HER EARRINGS in 5 days.  Which is a reaaallly big deal, just so you know.  She has lots of friends and birthday parties and play dates, but one of her favorite things is when the 4 year olds (3 girls plus Seth) from the neighborhood come over and she gets to be the complete boss over all of them.


Picture 027 

We do a 15 minute “learning time” after the big kids go to school.  We use, print out the alphabet sheets and use number flash cards.  He LOVES it.  And he’s actually getting his kindergarten stuff down.  I’m sending him to school (he’ll be 5 and 8 days when school starts) and was worried about him being an August birthday, so I thought I should do some extra prep.  I’m not worried at all, anymore, about him being a “young” kindergartner.


This is what Faith does whenever I try to put her down:

Picture 051 

(do you see her wrapping her legs around mine in attempt to stay attached?)

That pretty much sums up Faith.  She wants to held or played with AT ALL TIMES.  I’m not very accommodating, so whenever Emma’s home she follows her around, because Emma gives in and picks her up.  She also does this:

Picture 059

when you ask her where something is.  It’s beyond cute.

She’s a huge talker.  I’m not lying when I say she says 15-20words.  They include:  wa-wa (water), na-na (night-night), Ses (Seth), men (Amen), dah-tah (belly button), eye (eyes), no (nose), mow (mouth), ba-ba (bye bye), hi (every time the phone rings).  She also knows 5 animal sounds/motions (sheep, elephant, dog, fish, whale).  Okay, Baby Book Segment over.

January was nice…we had more nights together, fun TV to watch (American Idol, Emma on PBS), parties to go to (adult and kid), lots of yummy food (I’m becoming quite the bread maker), and amazingly mild weather.  We’re keeping fingers crossed for good February:  holidays, birthdays and guests should make it a busy, fun month.


Carie said...

I love the summaries the most too. Mine I mean. I love everything you post. Your family is as always darling. And I am very impressed you have the desire to run a marathon.

Linsey said...

I don't even know what sound a whale makes, what a smarty that Faith is!

kara jayne said...

just read the train less run faster book and am DETERMINED to qualify for boston this year. i'm so happy your running.

5 blurb books?!! are you serious. please tell me you have found a quick and easy way to do it. i haven't even done one yet. help.

i miss you.

Jeanelle said...

I love the summaries too - they aren't one bit boring to those of us who are nosy and want to know what everyone around us is doing day in and day out. And you rock with the whole marathon thing. WOW!

Christie said...

Are the Blurb books better than they used to be to make? I tried like five times a few years ago and gave up because of how long it took to upload. I need to print mine though. It's huge and overwhelming.

Bethany said...

I love your family! I miss those kids! My Emma has been talking about getting her ears pierced too but when I told her it hurt she moved on to a puppy. I might need Jane to call her to convince her to go back to the earrings.

jessica said...

Gabe could play with Maya at recess, her friend issues are making me crazy!

C is still hardly talking but that kid could walk around backwards all day long and not fall down. That's a skill right?

Just a Girl... said...

Hey, Sam showed me your cute blog. Anyways, I was wondering what Emma would want for her birthday since I believe that is Sam's plan. Also, do you know the Ekstroms? Lyndsey Conner, Calie's older sister, married Aaron Ekstrom. Anyways, I ask because it seems like the 3 people I know in Washington all know each other! It's crazy!

Brooke said...

Way to go, doing a marathon! You rock star! Thanks for the fun informative summary. love you all!

Brooke said...

Way to go, doing a marathon! You rock star! Thanks for the fun informative summary. love you all!

mandy* said...

I want to see your blog books! The next time I am in Spokane, I'm going to your house and getting a Blurb lesson from you. My computer hates BookSmart and I want to cry every time I try to use it.

the wrath of khandrea said...

skip has the same immunity gene. it makes me feel the need to validate all of my sicknesses as legitimate.

i will play with gabe at recess bc i think he's ultra cool. that, however, would probably be the nail in the coffin of his potential social life.

Ilene said...

Isn't Emma fun? I was ticked off this week because I thought they would do the entire 2 hour segment.

I guess I know how the story ends but whatever.

5 blurb books? I have yet to create a single one.

Good luck with that marathon thing. I admire you and at the same time think you are crazy.

Erin said...

Used that same training program for my marathon and several halfs. Love it!

Jenibelle said...

I'm sure this was a perfectly lovely post..but all I think about is how much I miss my little girl who had the same polkadot sheets when she was young and unmarried and living at home with her mama who misses her little girl who went off and got married and started a family of her own. I would have washed those sheets forever. Cherish this time Jessica, it flies by all too quickly.

Lauren in GA said...

I love your summaries. I always think that.

I think I need to send you an e-mail because I have several Blurb book questions.

You really are amazing. The marathon training and bread fantastic.

This is sort of beside the point but I love your outfit in your trying to put Faith down picture. I think you dress cutely. Even in casual stuff.

Sorry about the stomach flu. At least Jane was spared. She will have plenty of strength to change those earrings!!

I am laughing about Emma's shock over Gabe using a blowdryer and mousse.

Adrianne said...

you are so skinny in the faith pic that at 1st i wondered if it was emma.

and I need to know how you do your blurb books.

Jacki said...

After looking over my blog, I figured I needed to do more summaries. You have inspired me yet again!

Kristin said...

I'll run with you next year, don't worry I'm a slow runner too.

You inspired me to work with Gracies vocab more, Faith is blowing her away.

G and G Nut said...

Everyone(including Mom) is looking cute as ever. Emma's meditation is priceless. That girl looks like she will be 11 any minute now.

J'net said...

Can u email me the info about blurb books? This sounds like the answer to my question of what to do w/ this blog and hard copy thing... I have a few too many buckets of photo albums and don't want to continue in that direction...

Tristan said...

Wow a marathon! You rock!

Your kids are adorable! I agree with Adrianne, you look really thin in that picture of Faith grabbing your leg!

♥Shally said...

I have no idea why anyone would want to run a marathon! Seriously.

But good luck!! :) (Don't you love it when people say that...)

You reminded me how horribly behind I am on not only my blog, but more importantly the blurb book! I really need to get going on it...

And was that picture of your previous run in St. George?

Tammy said...

funny to hear how the kids evolve to be so different and allowing them to each be unique as hard as that may be....and figuring out the best way to push and nurture all of them to grow. Thats cool and I love hearing about it. I cannot believe you want to do a marathon?? That sounds like hell, running for 26 miles....with nothing going on? I am impressed with the discipline. Give me an adventure race, and that is distracting enough to keep me going for 2-3 hours. :)

Tammy said...

blurb books were hard to deal with....I gave up. It was not user friendly. am i missing something?

Cami said...

Kid hair. Wonderful!

Rochelleht said...

I love your family updates. You guys are beyond super cute. I love it!

Robin said...

Excellent summary! Yours is so inspiring I want to do one!

Anisa said...

I'm not surprised that a child of yours is a talker:) How fun to have grown up kids that can baby sit.