Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Events Summary

In the last few weeks we…

  • have had Grandma Dorrie visit us.  She spends so much time with the kids, that some of them (hello.  Faith?  I’m talking to you…) don’t know what to do with themselves now that Grandma isn’t around to pick them up and read to them all of the time.

Picture 001

  • had a Valentine’s Day date.  Ryan and I had a gift card to a nice restaurant here in town and we really enjoyed ourselves.   Here’s a picture of Ryan’s humungous burger.  After the restaurant, I pulled the “It’s Valentines Day so you have to” and made Ryan go with me to the stake dance.  Let’s just say that we had a fun time (less dancing, more amusement at the crowd that type of event draws).


  • had the 14 days of Valentines.  Which included shirts:

Picture 033


Picture 051

(Everyone else got to go to a salon, but we figure Seth’s noggin isn’t worth $12 and Ryan did it at home)

and candy making:

Picture 065  

  • had Seth’s five year old checkup.  I’ve never seen a child more excited for shots.  Seriously, the day before he kept saying:  “I’m so essited.  Tomorrow’s when I get my shots.”  I promise I tried to warn him, gently, that they really hurt.  There was great disappointment on that funny face when the first one went in.   Also of note, the doctor was questioning whether I’m sending him (because of his late August birthday) to school in the fall.  I told him yes, that socially and academically he’s really ready.  He then asked, “Is he able to sit for long periods of time?”  I don’t know why he’s so concerned:

sethcheckup sethcheckup2sethcheckup1

(This is what he was doing the whole time.  Obnoxious.  And he really can sit still.  Ask his primary teacher.)

  • Had Emma’s birthday. It went off without a hitch.  Here’s some pictures of the breakfast

Picture 048


Picture 054

and cake

Picture 057

I seem to be able to only take pictures of the food involved in our celebrations.  (Food=Love, right?)

  • had an extremely demanding and yelling and crying baby.  Argh.  Cute, but bad:

Picture 015 

(here she is pointing to her “shus”.  Yeah, 15 months old and says “shirt”. 

Maybe it’s the smartness that makes her feisty?)

And since, the demanding baby still lives here, I need to go.  She and I are taking a trip to Costco, where we can DEMAND samples to our hearts content.


J'net said...

I should post it FAST to get the coveted position!!
WOW! Ur MOM is the BEST!! And to think she go to be there for the WHOLE Valentine blow-out!!
LOVE ur 14 Days of Valentine's, did that come from ur childhood? Never caught on to that one, BUT will recommend it to my kids for their kids to enjoy!
SO thinkin' that cake for Emma's bday was the BEST choice for chocolate lovers! And YES, food=love is a family THING!! We r trying to add bowling to Jesse's 18th bday celebration, BUT it will be followed w/ PIZZA I think!!! Aloha! and Happy Costco-ing... I'm heading there TOO!

Lauren in GA said...

Your kids are gorgeous. I know, I know, I always say that.

Your kids are gorgeous. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Your humor is so awesome. I enjoy things like, "hello. Faith? I'm talking to you..." so much.

Grandma Dorrie is fantastic. I want her to come to my house.

I also laughed at your saying, "I don't know why he's so concerned" with accompanying pictures of Seth dancing around the room.

Seriously, Faith has such pretty lips and eyes. She's one of those beautiful, smart girls.

Annemarie said...

I love the comment about the ped. What 4 year old boy CAN sit still...not your problem :)

jessica said...

I love the pictures of Seth dancing around the doctors office. I wish I could be his Kindergarten teacher, he is going to make his teachers year!

Tristan said...

Kids don't sit still at all. Especially boys. Ha!

Glad you had a good week! I love the photos of the food. Yum!

Faith is too cute! I love that she has spunk!

Rochelleht said...

Just when I thought I was a good mom for the one day of Valentine's...


Christie said...

Food does equal love. Just ask my thighs. They are very well loved.

Just not by me.

Cami said...

As always, I love your take on life.
Emma looks so lovely.
I still remember her in primary as a little, very smart CTR 6(?)

the wrath of khandrea said...

i think i'll come visit you for a day over spring break. i like your kids. and you. plus i want a hamburger like that and some more of whatever you happen to be cooking at any given moment.

Anisa said...

I had my mom come and stay with me for a couple of weeks to take care of my demanding baby... it didn't work. He still just wanted me....uggh!

cecily said...

What a fun post! Almost felt like I was there for Emma's birthday. Eleven years have flown by. Just blink and you will be planning her wedding (and you think I'm kidding.)

Adrianne said...

I'm glad that your kids bounce off the walls at the dr/s office and are super demanding, mine must be normal then. But how do you still get so much done, like blogging??

Brooke said...

i think it's great that you took pics of Seth all over the Dr.'s office. What a fun Valentines month. Do you guys really ever come home. I can't reach you lately.

elizabeth scott said...

Happy Birthday Emma!
You are such a beautiful girl! Mckennah and I wish we were there to have a piece of chocolate cake with you and sing you happy birthday.
Love ya

Matthews Family said...

What a fun time with Valentine's. I really like your tradition for the 14 days of Valentine's, but I just think it sounds like something I have to start planning now for next year. Does Ryan help you with it or is it for him along with the kids?

Loved the update. Hope I get to see you in April.

Lindsay said...

Happy Valentines Day! Baby Faith is getting so big!

Jacki said...

Jordyn has the same Valentines "shus"! Thanks Old Navy!

And yes, next year, when Jordyn can comprehend about 50% of what is going on around her, I think I am going to adopt the 14 days of Valentines too.

katie said...

Isaac is only a few weeks older than Faith and I feel your pain. I forgot how bad 1 year old tantrums can be. Major meltdown whenever I bring Isaac in from outside. But it's also such a fun age when they learn to talk. Isaac's latest is to say "cheers" at dinner and try to tap his sippy cup with anyone he can get.

Katie said...

This is a late comment, I'm always a few days behind.

I have enjoyed many of your how-to and good advice posts.

I just linked a couple of my favorites posts from your blog on my recent post.

Thank you, thank you for these great posts.
They are carefully thought out and well written with great advice. The time you put in, to write these posts are a great service.

You are appreciated and admired.

Tammy said...

Ok, your blogging has kicked up a notch and you are funnier than ever. Maybe we get more humble and hilarious in our old age? Love it all.....