Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slip-sliding, or, what happens when a bunch of native Californians contemplate a frozen lake

Both Ryan and I grew up in Northern California.  It snowed my freshman year of high school and that was the only time in my growing up years it was cold enough for water to freeze. 

Here in our town, we have a lake.  Ryan and I were running by it on Christmas Day and noticed a ton of people WALKING ON THE LAKE.  We talked to some different people about it and they told us that “Oh yeah, we took our kids down there.  Even without ice skates, it’s fun to run and slip around on the ice.”  Everyone acted like WE were the weird ones because we were nervous about it, so we decided to take the whole family down.

Picture 039   

My mom and sister were with us and I’m sure we would have appeared comical to any born-and-raised Northerners, because we were all a little terrified.

Me:  “Wait, wait!  Don’t go out that far!”

Emma:  “Mom!  There are kids playing ice hockey, farther out than us!”

Picture 080

Grandma:  “Why are there all these little fissures in the ice, if it’s so safe?”

Picture 056

Asking every skater, dog walker and sledder that we passed: “You’ve been doing this for a while and you’re sure it’s okay?”

Picture 044

We went to take a group shot and we seriously heard the ice crack.  You should have seen us (the adults) scurry off of that spot, like we were being shot at.  I was, truly, preparing myself for the plunge into the icy depths and imagining how I’d keep Faith above water. 

We were fine.  (And aren’t these pictures cool?)

Picture 075

The kids ran and played.  Seth was our first casualty—I think he was a bad combination of limited coordination but not enough padding.

Picture 042

Faith had plenty of padding and was thrilled with the frozen lake. 

Picture 045   Picture 058 Picture 073

And tried to lick the ice constantly.

Picture 092

Emma, after being our most intrepid, fell and had a nasty bruise. 

Picture 084

Grandma and Bekah got cold and, ignoring complaints from Gabe, we headed for home.

Picture 054  

So we’re getting out our hockey gear and ice skates; we’re true Northerners now, eh?


Ilene said...

I'm completely skeptical of frozen water. Doesn't anyone remember Amy falling into the pond in Little Women?

Glad you guys you didn't require a Laurie and Joe rescue squad.

♥Shally said...

I know that I would have been the ONE person in a thousand years who fell through.

Tristan said...

It always freaks me out being on ice. But it a lot of fun! Those pictures turned out cool!

diane said...

Growing up in Minnesota, we drove our cars out onto the lake.

The only ice we have where I live now is in the freezer.

Those are some cool pictures. Pun intended.

Carie said...

Once when I was a kid a lake in our backyard froze. We got in so much trouble for going out "ice skating." Now as an adult, I know why -it really wasn't safe. I am constantly telling my kids, stay away from the ponds while they are frozen!

Cool pictures, it looks like you were safe.

Abbie said...

I just laughed out loud. I wish I could have seen you running after the cracking noise. And the picture of Faith licking the ice! HA! Oh, I need to meet my little birthday twin.

PS wish you were in Utah too while we were there. It was so good to see and talk to Auntie Dorrie and Bekah and Sam. I love your family!

Christie said...

I'd be TERRIFIED! I am terrified just looking at the pictures! And we lived in Minnesota, too, where pretty much there is like 10 feet of solid frozen ice. Still. Scares me. I'm a wuss.

Maggie said...

I grew up in Spokane, but I still would have a hard time with that activity.

Tammy said...

very cool. how unique is that?

jessica said...

You are braver than me, nothing about that sounds fun...but you guys look like you are having so much fun!

gab said...

We drive by our local pond every day in hopes of freezing. Best free entertainment all winter long!

Lauren in GA said...

I think I would have been really cautious, too. I can totally imagine playing out a scenario in my mind where I try to keep John above water like you did with Faith.

Okay, so...that picture of Faith licking the ice is adorable and hilarious. I agree...those pictures are so, so cool.

Anisa said...

I'd be scared too.

Valynne said...

I would have been completely freaked out, and as you know, it snows out here A LOT.

Erika said...

way to embrace it all! you know they drive semi's on ice right - it only needs to freeze like 8 inches. (just the kind of info. you would expect from your Canadian friend)

rubberbandgirl said...

Really nice pictures.
I would've been equally nervous.

Meg said...

I would have been a skeptic too. Scary stuff.

Alisha said...

I grew up in Utah...those pictures scared me...I know I don't know you but I feel compelled to comment...and beg you to NEVER do that again, k, thanks