Monday, January 25, 2010

Self-Centered Summary

So I keep thinking I need to do a summary post.  I went back to look at my pictures to see what I’d missed and I basically realized that what I needed to summarize had little to do with my family/kids and pretty much A LOT to do with me.  (To quote Paige: “me me me me, sung in an ascending scale”.  She’s so funny, I wish she had a blog, still.)

So here we go.

I basically go out to dinner and lunch a lot with my friends for their birthdays.  I like couching it in a “we have to go to celebrate Randi/Ilene/Cynthia/Amy.  I’m just doing it to make them feel special” type of way, but really I love having an excuse to spend the hard earned budget money on restaurant food for myself.

Cynthia’s birthday lunch:


Ilene’s Christmas visit:


Then, even though I so kindly celebrated Cynthia’s birthday…she up and moves.  So we all met up at her house to “clean” (again, sneaky way to get out of the house and eat MORE food by myself) after moving day.  This crying looks fake, but it’s not.  We are missing those Jenkins SO much.

Cynthia moving

We had a bishopric post-holiday/tithing settlement party at the Yosts’ house.  Not only is Stacey an extremely good cook (where is the roll recipe, Stacey?!), but they introduced us to a new, fun group game.  (Ryan and Jessica A. almost came to blows over Ryan’s fake score, but they kissed and made up via email a few hours later).


And, of course, since it’s January, we attended the Albrecht’s First Friday party.  (Please go here for more pictures and an explanation on the “Yacht Rock” theme).  And don’t even think about going to Value Village and copying my awesome purple culotte outfit.  Ryan’s mustache can be copied by growing facial hair for a week and coloring it in with eyeliner.  Super sexy.

Just us:


The men:


The hosts:


And last the best of all the game:

After years of trying, and waiting, and lawsuits, and prayers, and venting phone calls…the Albrechts finally finalized their adoption and we got to witness it.  Seth was very involved in the process (notice him in background swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth):


Here we are the court steps:


The icing on the cake was, of course the temple sealing


It was a sweet, simple reminder that Heavenly Father always answers our prayers.  Sometimes He asks us to wait and struggle a little, but He always does what He says He will do.  It was a blessing for us to watch the whole process and have our testimonies strengthened.  We love Camden and the Albrechts.  (Go here and here, for more pretty pictures and sweet words.)


See.  I’m not entirely self-absorbed.  I even ended the post with a picture of an entirely different family!

Thanks for indulging me!  =)


Carie said...

I love Jessica centered posts. (Especially if they contain pictures of purple culottes and matching pumps. Don't even get me started on the 'stache + eyeliner because I just stopped laughing and wiping the tears.)

I too love to eat with friends. Wouldn't I fit right in?

Congrats to your friends on their adoption and sealing.

Adrianne said...

I want a birthday dinner group, but I think it needs more people so the dinners are more frequent... and that's the largest bishopric I've ever seen!

Rochelleht said...

That was great! I love girlfriend lunches, too.

Yeah for Jessica A!! LOVE those temple pics. When Derick was sealed to us, it was pouring rain. Tornados, in fact, so no cool pics. Just bunched up against the temple wall by the foyer. It's in keeping with my life-theme, though. Sucky wedding pictures, too.

See, my comment is me me me me me me me, too! In keeping with the theme...

Lauren in GA said...

I can't talk long 'cause I am headed to Value Village, baby. When I saw those purple culottes on Jessica A's blog I almost fell out out my chair...and the stache on, so, so hilarious. I can just see the two of you playing shuffleboard on the Lido Deck.

I know. I miss Paige, too. It must be so hard for everyone who knows her in real life...I am in withdrawal and I only know her in blogland.

I cry happy tears whenever I think how Jessica A. and her lovely family are sealed to little Camden. I love that shot of Seth in the background.

I want to do lunch with you...and you aren't self centered. I love hearing all about you.

Linsey said...

I was just going to say...does each member of the Bishopric have a personal assistant? I know Kenny would love one of those.

Congratulations to Jessica A. and family, that is a very happy ending indeed.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i can't get past your genius outfit. that is one in a million. hilarious.

Tristan said...

Loving the selfish post!

Laughing at your awesome purple culottes!

Annie said...

I love it. {You have the best social life!} The cruise wear? Awesome. I can see next year's Christmas card now...

jessica said...

I love your self centered post because I was in like 98% of it. So thanks for feeding my self centeredness too.

Thank you for being there for it sad, boring, and utterly depressing would my life be if you weren't in it.


Oh and tell Ryan I am ready when ever he is for a rematch. Just the two of us and "HOUSE ON FIRE!!!!"

Christie said...

I think you are a rock star. Especially in those purple coulattes (sp?) Nobody else could pull it off.

gab said...

You are NOT self-centered. I think the best things blogs will do for our kids is, someday, show them that Mom was not just that grumpy lady making scrambled eggs every morning.

Hooray for the adoption/sealing!

Brooke said...

Looks like you've had some pretty fun times. I love your dress up yahcht party, looks like a fun night.