Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Boring Holiday Summary


First, close-ups of the all-important holiday shirts:

Christmas Faith 1Picture 001


Second, Uncle Sam came a little early to visit us and then left early because he’s got a girlfriend(please say in a sing-song voice):

Picture 040


Third, Grandma and Bekah drove late into the night to get here for Christmas Eve:

Bekah & Mom

Fourth, on Christmas Eve we ate lunch at our local mongolian grill-type restaurant, Seth barfed and had to be eliminated from further festivities, and we went to The Frog Princess

 Christmas Eve Lunch

Fifth, we had our traditional Bethlehem dinner at the Daines

Jessica & Ryan 2Picture 027


Sixth, we went home to open presents (in order to include Sick Seth) and Ryan couldn’t believe I actually woke Faith up so she could be in the cute New Jammies Picture.  As you can tell, she was happy to part of it all:

Pajama Romneys 2

Seventh, Christmas morning.  Here’s Jane with her scooter…which she rode to her cousins’ house, in 20 degree weather.


Eighth, Jane lost her second front tooth WHILE ON THE WAY to get her ears “a-pierced”.  It was quite an eventful half hour.

Jane's Lost ToothJane's Ear Piercing 8


Ninth,  we wore our Christmas garb a week late, because we wanted Grandma to see it, duh.  (what is Seth’s problem with pictures??  Seriously go back and peruse him in all the pictures.  He’s got a problem.)

 Romney Children 2Jessica & Co. 2


Tenth, Bekah taught Faith how to do kissy lips on the way to see the worst children’s movie ever:  “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Kiss that one good-bye.

Picture 122


And last, on New Years Eve we went to First Night where we met up with the Albrechts, ran into Andrea and listened to the lamest children’s singer ever.  After we went home and put kids to bed, we went and hung out with Brunts, Seligers, Daines and Koppelsons and I don’t know why we don’t have a picture because it was the most fun New Years Ever party I’ve attended in a looong time.



And that’s all.  Happy 2010!!


Tristan said...

Not a boring post! Well captured holiday events!! I totally noticed Seth in all the pictures before you said anything. I was thinking "Seth is such a funny cute little guy!"

Love Faith's kissy face!

heidiluxe said...

1. not boring.
2. i will probably copycat this style for my boring holiday recap. i have been dreading doing it because we went a million places and i took lame pictures and i can't think of a single way to spice it up.
3. i think i am going to attempt your bangs.
4. is that header new or have i never noticed it before. love it.

heidi said...

heidiluxe is actually this heidi. i just forgot to sign out of that blog account.

Christie said...

Seth might not look his best in pictures, but dang! You sure do. I am LOVING your hair in the pic with all the kids in your sunday best. If I lived by you, I would be begging to get the name of your hairdresser, and then I go in and say, "I want my hair just like Jessica's."

Aren't you glad I don't live by you now?

Annemarie said...

Good wrap up. I love your little Seth in all of the pics...reminds me of someone who resides in my house only Seth is completely innocent.

Annemarie said...

Um, and by the way...at first glance you looked like one of the kids (with make up, of course) in the holiday attire pic.

Jeanelle said...

Faith's lips - holy cow! Keep her locked up from age 12 on. The boys are gonna love her. And Jane's face with the earring guns on her lobes? Priceless. And this was so not one bit boring! I love knowing what's going on with your family since I haven't yet moved onto your street.

rubberbandgirl said...

It was all worth it for the kissy lips! Your girls are so lovely.
Gabe so handsome...
Seth, look at the camera, sweetie!

diane said...

I hope he followed the barf training protocol.

Your baby girl and those kissy lips make me very happy.

queenieweenie said...

You look HOT girl! I personally love the holiday recap and I really love your stockings...where did you get em?

Valynne said...

I totally agree about Where the Wild Things Are! 20 minutes into the movie Maile said, "Mom, this movie is totally creepy. Let's go home."

jessica said...

I hate that we work so hard to get the Christmas outfits and we wear them one week. We still wear them after Christmas but it feels wierd.

I'm bummed I missed the grown up New Years Eve party...there's always next year!

the wrath of khandrea said...

it was totally fun to see you. i want to see you more.

Lauren in GA said...

I obeyed and said, "he's got a girlfriend" in my best sing songy voice.

I love Seth...

Those kissy lips are the greatest!!!!!!

You. are. a. great. looking. group. of. people. I really mean that. Your children are so gorgeous, Jessica. Emma is so beautiful. I always think that. She is seriously growing into the most beautiful girl.

I have only heard bad things about Where the Wild Things Are. Is it just dumb or is it scary, somehow?

Ilene said...

Fun stuff. Love those kissy lips of Faith's. Laura still goes in for the open mouth kiss.

So sad I missed out on Andrea.

I still have to my Christmas run down. I don't wanna do it.

Hollyween said...

That was NOT boring. I totally sucked at taking pictures this past Christmas. What is my problem? Your pictures are ordered perfectly with the story to go along with them. Well-done.

I love the Christmas outfits.

And Faith is do darling and beautiful!!

Brooke said...

I'm so impressed at how great you all look on Sunday, in your Christmas best. Faith is adorable. Looks like so much fun.

Rochelleht said...

Wow, you're looking gorgeous these days! As are your children. Seriously. Wow.

Erica Williams said...

Jessica, your blog is so great! I have not checked it out for sooo long. It looks like you had a good holiday, very eventful! Your family is just as cute as can be!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I love how Jane is like, "Check out my earrings" in that one Christmas picture. So darling. ☺

Nancy said...

I love the kissy lips!!! I know I'm late commenting, but I've not read blogs in about 2 weeks, and there are 236 posts to read... I'm down to about 81... more than halfway. Yours is the only one I commented on so far. That's how much I loved Faith's kissy lips!