Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mostly true

This is the first “trick” I teach my babies:

sobig1 sobig2

I ask them: “ How big is Faith-y” in a big sing-song voice and pull their hands above their heads and reply to my own question:  '”soo big!”  Eventually they start doing it themselves (Faith started at 8 months).  It’s darling, but you have to catch them during the right window, because pretty soon they get lazy and can only manage one bored arm in the air.

It’s pretty much the first trick every kid has done.

And it’s appropriate:  She is so big…

  • with her first tooth (a few days ago)
  • army crawling (2 weeks ago)
  • actual crawling (yesterday)
  • saying “ah-oh” when she drops her cup/book/bow she’s pulled off her head (2 days ago)
  • being in the 75th percentile for height
  • somehow reaching 9 months of age

Of course, her so bigness does have limits:

she couldn’t quite carry off double digits in her weight for two doctor visits in a row…she’s back in familiar Romney Baby Territory:  a whopping 7th percentile for weight (that’s 17.2 pounds, folks).

I don’t care what those charts say.  This baby is TOO BIG for me.


Tristan said...

Preston weighs 18 pounds and he is 6 months!

Faith is adorable!

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwww, these 9 months have flown. She is so, so beautiful, Jessica.

Today she army crawls all over the world domination!!

I just love your kids. I keep looking at that picture of Jane and thinking how she truly rocks.

Tammy said...

She is beautiful.....sounds like you may want another bambino someday??

Nancy said...

she's so cute! I know what you mean about them growing up too fast... Eva is doing so much I can hardly believe it!

Jenna said...

What an adorable baby! I remember the SO BIG game - loved it!

Brooke said...

She's a cutie, I hope I get to meet her soon. :)

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

hard to believe she's 9 months already. time goes so quickly, doesn't it!?! my little jake was only 17 lbs at 9 months too... although georgie was that big at 2 months. some kids just grow a little slower than others. don't worry about faith, she's perfect. {but you know that already.}

Christy and Jason said...

I went to post a comment on Randi's blog and saw your face next to your comment and was like that's Jessica Sherrill. I'm Christy McLeod who married a Kenitzer. Anyways, your family is darling and your blog entertaining---it's a small world in mormonville!

ALEX & KARI said...

I just saw your comment on our blog. I didn't know about Bro. Romney's plans. What a funny man he was! It's been fun to read your blog to find out how everyone has grown up and changed.

Thanks for the your nice comments about Grace. We sure are glad that she's here (especially me!) Babies are so fun and they do grow up too fast. I keep telling myself to cherish this little baby time, even though I'm dog tired.

By the way, Faith is adorable, as are your other kids!

Meridith said...

Wow, Faith really is getting sooo Big! I hope we get to see you guys soon. Love ya'll.