Thursday, August 13, 2009

It’s the little details

1.  These are Seth’s rainbow shorts. 

RainbowShorts1 RainbowShorts2 RainbowShorts3

Anyone who has had the privilege to associate with Seth this summer knows all about them.  They are his favorite and we have an agreement that he can wear them every other day.  If they are not washed on HIS day, then he has been known to climb on the washer and start throwing soap in randomly and then begging people to help him start it.  Annoying, yes, but nothing is cuter than when Seth bursts into a room, proclaiming, joyfully:  “WAINBOW SHOATS!!!”

2.  Faith has now pulled herself to stand. 


But refuses to hold a bottle, or cup, or anything resembling a container of liquid.  She’s smart, that one.

3.  Jane asks us every time we leave the house or van, multiple times: “Did you lock the van?  Did you shut the garage?”  She’s is all of a sudden totally afraid of robbers.  (We think she was reminded of the car-theft incident, somehow).  It’s a little bit cute, but also has thrown a wrench in our newfound in-house babysitter freedom, as Emma does not make her feel as safe as we adults do. 

Picture 013

(Officer Jane wants the robbers to just STOP.)

4.  Gabe broke his toe.  That’s the third broken bone for my almost 9 year old.  It hurts him too much to clear the table, but he’s just fine operating in the Neighborhood kickball game, as long as he’s the pitcher.

5.  Emma has graduated from pre-braces to retainer.  We have 4 more years before we have to do the rest of them.  This is the main reason we can’t move:  the orthodontist offers discounts based on his previous services. 

6.  Ryan is interviewing for the only job in Spokane, as we speak.  Wish us luck.


Paige said...

Aren't you happy that at least Seth's rainbow shorts are really cute and go with everything? When sol "broke" sprained his ankle I got him some crutches at Wal-Mart. Now whenever anyone is "hurt" I make them use the crutches and after an hour they are such a pain the kids all make a miraculous recovery. It might be worth the $15 to get your table cleared for the rest of their young lives!

Paige said...

I mean WalGreens for the crutches.

Paige said...

And when I say "I" bought them I actually mean my mom because she felt sorry for him hopping around. But they've come in handy nonetheless.

AMY said...

Good Luck to Ryan. Things will work out... you have a hard working hubby and cute, cute kids.

Jessica said...

(((good luck on the interview!)))

and I about died laughing about the toe interfering with table duty -- that sounds like some kids *I* know!

Ilene said...

I would DIE if Laura refused to hold a bottle.

But then again, I start propping one up in her mouth the day she comes home from the hospital. So I guess I wouldn't really die.

Luck, luck, and more luck.

Ilene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rubberbandgirl said...

Good luck, Bread Winner!
Cute post.
Cute shoats.
Cute policewoman.
Cute baby!

Nancy said...

Good luck Ryan! I've been praying for you both that the right thing will come along for you. Your kids are adorable, and I love that when you quote them you use their true pronunciation. It makes me smile. From now on I'll be calling all shorts 'shoats.' :)

Meg said...

Good luck with the job!

Tristan said...

I want some rainbow shorts!! ;)

Good luck to Ryan! Hope it goes well!

the wrath of khandrea said...

tell ryan to go apply for a job at the men's wearhouse. i hear they're looking for a decent staff. mm-hmm.

Brooke said...

I commented on your last post, and realized oh she probably won't even notice. I hope the interview goes well. We want to see you this fall. :) Those shorts are very cool.

Lauren in GA said...

Seth and Brian have a lot in common...except, even though it was messy, and possibly wasted soap and messed up the load already in the washer, I admire that Seth is self-motivated enough to take matters into his own hands and try to wash his wainbow shoats. (Brian had to have his Batman pajamas on right after pre-school. It was annoying.)

I laughed at, "She's smart, that one." She is obviously brilliant.

I have been thinking everytime that I see Emma in pictures how grown up she is looking. She is a beauty.

I wish you tons and tons and tons of luck!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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